There’s excellent news for Prime Video users because Amazon has finally added profiles as a way of having multiple users on the same account. Here’s how to set up new profiles for adults and kids.

First things first, here are the steps to add new profiles. More details about what they do and limits below.

  1. Follow this link or if you’re signed in already then click on your profile at the top-right corner
  2. Click ‘Add new’
  3. Type a name for the profile
  4. Switch the Kids profile slider on for children (recommended for under 12s)
  5. Now hit 'Save changes'

Prime Video new user profile

On mobile? Then head to ‘My Stuff’ and click the dropdown link on your profile name, then the remaining steps are the same as above.

Need to edit or delete a profile? On desktop click your profile for the dropdown menu, click manage profiles, choose the user and either edit or hit ‘remove profile’.

On mobile it’s essentially the same but there’s a pencil icon for editing and a trash can for removing a profile.

Profiles on Prime Video are going to make life a lot easier for loads of subscribers - namely those where multiple people in the same household use one account. It’s something that Netflix and other rivals have had for a long time.

You can create up to six profiles - one being the primary profile with five optional additions. Each will have their own personal recommendations, season progress and watchlist.

Amazon also recently added watch parties so you can watch TV shows and films in sync with people in other locations. Find out what we think are the best movies on Amazon Prime Video.

You can also read a similar guide for creating profiles on Virgin TV 360