The Queen’s Christmas Speech is an annual tradition on Christmas Day in the UK and we'd hate for you to miss it. The Queen's Speech has been broadcast since 1932, but Queen Elizabeth II has read it herself since 1952. 

2020 has been a tough year, and we imagine that the Queen will be expressing her gratitude to the emergency services and key workers that have got us through this year. In addition, she may touch on some of the news that has happened in the royal family this year. 

Here's how and when you can tune in, even if you're not in the UK.

When is the Queen's Christmas Speech this year?

The Queen's Speech will be broadcast at 3pm Christmas Day, and it will last roughly ten minutes.

How to watch it on TV

In the UK, the Queen’s Royal Christmas Message, as it is officially called, is broadcast on BBC One, ITV, Sky 1 and Sky News. It is also broadcast on BBC Radio 4 (92-95FM and 103-105FM).

As ever, the message will be pre-recorded and broadcast to all 52 member countries of the commonwealth.

How to watch the Queen's Speech online from anywhere

Shortly after the TV broadcast, you will be able to catch up on the speech over on the official BBC and Royal Family YouTube channels. 

You can also stream the Queen's speech online as it airs via iPlayer. You can watch in a web browser, or by downloading the app on your phone or tablet.

Using iPlayer is the best way to see the speech live if you're not in one of the countries where the speech is aired. However, iPlayer is technically only available within the UK.

To get around this limitation you can use a VPN and choose a UK server, which will make it appear that you are in the UK. Not all VPN services unblock iPlayer, but several which do include ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Hidden24.

How to watch the alternative Queen's Speech

Since 1993, Channel 4 has recorded its own alternative version of the Queen's Speech. Over the years we've seen the likes of Sacha Baron Cohen, Sharon Osbourne, Jamie Oliver and even Marge Simpson step up for the role, but in 2020 the alternative Queen's Speech is causing something of an uproar.

Channel 4 has this year made the decision to use 'deepfake' technology to create a convincing double of Queen Elizabeth II. Deepfake technology uses artificial intelligence to swap out faces in video and basically allow the producer to literally put words in the actor's mouth.

Channel 4 says it is using the video to give a 'stark warning about misinformation and fake news', but the video has been slammed for mocking the Queen, showing her climbing up to dance on a table, explaining how she has been enjoying 'Netflix and Phil' during lockdown, and even giving away her true thoughts about Prince Harry moving to Canada.

The Alternative Queen's Speech airs on Channel 4 at 3.25pm on Christmas Day. You can tune in on your TV or via All 4.

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