The dedicated kids section of Sky Q is a great way to find appropriate content for your children to watch, but what if you want to leave them to it without risk of watching something made for adults? We show you how to use the Kids Safe Mode on Sky Q.

Although the kids section of Sky Q is great, there’s nothing stopping them from putting something inappropriate on if you leave them with the remote - be it an accident or not. Find out more about Sky Kids TV.

Fortunately, the Safe Mode locks them into that kid section of the service and works on all Sky Q boxes including the Sky Q mini. It filters live channels and other content, plus will change the picture-in-picture you’ve got in the top right if you happen to be watching something not child friendly, giving you peace of mind.

Switch on Sky Q Kids Safe Mode

  1. First select Kids section of the Sky Q menu
  2. Now scroll down and select ‘Safe Mode’
  3. Hit enter to turn it on
  4. Enter your Sky PIN

You’re now in Kids Safe Mode and the Sky Q box will be locked to this until you select Safe Mode again and enter that PIN a second time. Don’t worry if you’re kids think they’re tech savvy because even rebooting or resetting the box won’t work.

As well as this handy mode on the Sky Q box, you can also take advantage of the Sky Q Kids App - either around the house or when you’re out and about. It’s available on iOS and Android and allows your children, if you have more than one, to have their own profiles.

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