For years now, some have loudly proclaimed that ‘print is dead’, but a quick trip around any newsagents easily dispels that myth. Shelves are burgeoning with an incredible variety of titles, and many new ones appear on a regular basis. Magazines are in fine health, but there is one disadvantage that they face against the abundance of content available online – price.

Where most of the content on the internet is free, print journals can seem a costly option in comparison. There are good reasons for the outlay: magazines feature longer articles, more extensive interviews, gorgeous photography, and offer a curated experience often missing from the majority of search-conscious websites. But, with many magazines costing as much as £6 or £7 per issue, it can be expensive if you want to read more than a couple each month.

This is where Readly comes in. This clever app offers digital versions of popular titles for your tablet or smartphone, with an all-you-can-eat buffet approach. It’s like Netflix for digital magazines, and at £7.99 per month it makes enjoying a wealth of content easily affordable.

One app to read them all

With over 2,400  magazines available, not to mention back issues of each title, Readly is a haven for those looking to enjoy a wide choice of publications. Each one can be downloaded to your device, eliminating the need for internet access when you want to read, and making it the perfect solution for long flights or short trips away.

Categories cover a wide spectrum, with Current affairs, Health & Fitness, Music, Food & Drink, Film, and Travel just some of those on offer.

Technology fans are especially well catered for, with titles such as Stuff, T3, iCreate, How it Works, Maximum PC and Tech Advisor plus a range of bookazines dedicated to areas like Windows 10, Digital Photography, and Programming.

Gamers will also find much to keep them occupied and informed, as perineal high-street favourites Edge, GamesTM, Retro Gamer, Play, PC Gamer, and Official Xbox Magazine are among the titles available every month.

Share the account with your family

Each subscription entitles users to download magazines to five devices, with five user profiles included so that family members can share the account.

The unlimited nature of Readly also allows subscribers to experiment with magazines that they might never have explored before. Always fancied reading Time or Top Gear, but put off by the cover price? Now you can download the latest issue without any extra expense, while children enjoy classics like the Beano, Horrible Histories, or National Geographic Kids on their own profile.

Save the environment while you read

Keeping magazines in a digital format is also good for the environment, as it sidesteps the physical need for printing and distribution. Instead you select what you want, tap download, and seconds later the digital magazine is there. Vitally, in our ever more cramped modern lives, the issues take up no valuable space in your home either.

Readly is an essential service for anyone who loves to read, and with a current offer where you get 3 months for the price of 1, there’s never been a better time to try it out.  Sign up to a free trial on the Readly website and make some space in your schedule. You could be a while.