NowTV is a movie-streaming service to rival Netflix, with a slightly higher monthly premium but access to Sky's Cinema channels as well as its catalogue of movies (including lots of Disney titles). But perhaps you've enjoyed the two-week trial and you're not sold on the service. Here's how to cancel NowTV.

  1. Log into NowTV
  2. Click My Account at the top right of the window
  3. Under My NowTV select My Package
  4. Hit the blue 'Manage my passes' button
  5. You will see each of NowTV's four offerings listed: Entertainment, Cinema, Kids and Sports. Click Cancel under the relevant subscription
  6. NowTV will prompt you for a reason you want to cancel - select the most relevant option
  7. NowTV will make one last-ditch attempt to keep you as it's customer. If you're sure you want to leave click 'I still want to cancel'
  8. Your subscription will end with your current billing period

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