At the end of January Now TV rolled out the ability to download programmes from its Kids Pass for watching offline. That functionality is now available for some movies and TV programmes in its Entertainment, Movies and Hayu packages, too. Here's how to download Now TV.

Now TV is an ideal service for accessing live- and on-demand Sky TV programmes and movies with a low monthly subscription - don't take our word for it, there's a free seven-day trial. But the need to be connected to the internet to stream content can be frustrating when you're travelling or out of range of Wi-Fi.

In the walkthrough below we explain how to download Now TV using the Kids Pass, which costs £3.99 per month. The process is not as obvious with the other packages, but the functionality is still rolling out so this might change in time.

If a movie or TV show is available to download you will see a download icon above the description for that content, as in the Spider-Man: Homecoming example at the top of this page. You will need to be connected to Wi-Fi to download the content, so if a connection is not available the download with be queued until you next have access.

To view downloaded content, or content in the download queue, tap My TV and select the Downloads tab.

To watch Now TV offline you will need to have downloaded the latest version of the iOS or Android app, and have an active subscription to the Kids Pass.

How to download Now TV

Launch the Now TV app on iPhone or Android and ensure you are signed in. From the menu bar on the left select Kids and choose Let's Go. Browse the content available and find something you'd like to watch offline.

Download NowTV

Select that programme to view available episodes. Then tap the Download icon at the top right of the screen.

Download NowTV

If available, a download icon will appear in place of the play icon for each episode.

If you see 'download not available' then there are rights restrictions for that particular content.

"While we’re working hard behind the scenes to make more and more of our shows available for download in the future, we don't have rights to offer downloads for all our kids' shows right now," says Sky.

You could also have trouble downloading a programme if your device's storage is full.

Download NowTV

Tap on any episode to download it to your device. Once downloaded the icon will show a red tick.

Download NowTV

You can later find downloaded content by clicking the My downloads icon at the top right of the Kids home screen.

Downloaded programmes are available for up to 30 days, but some stick around for less time. The episode of Peppa Pig we downloaded is available for 32 hours, for example.

Once you begin watching a download will expire after 48 hours, but you can watch it as many times as you like in that period.

Note that you can only download each episode twice.

Download NowTV

You must also remained signed into the app or your downloads will disappear, and you can't transfer downloads to another device.

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