Spotify Premium offers a very generous three-month trial for new users, allowing unlimited access to ad-free tunes and podcasts from across the globe, along with offline listening and unlimited skips. Once those months are up, your card will be charged up to £9.99/US$9.99 per month.

If for some reason you’re not willing to drop a tenner per month for the service, then our guide will show you how to cancel so you don’t have to pay a penny.

How to cancel Spotify 

Here are the basic steps to cancelling Spotify Premium. Further details and screenshots are below to help guide you through the process.

  • Login and click on ‘Account’
  • Click on ‘Change Plan’
  • Under 'Spotify Free', click ‘Cancel Premium’
  • Confirm by clicking ‘Yes, Cancel’

The first step is to go to Spotify's website in a web browser, as you can't cancel your account from within the app. Also, if you're signed up via a third-party provider such as iTunes or via your broadband supplier, you'll have to talk to them directly to cancel.

Next, ensure that you’re logged into Spotify. From the homepage, head on over to the top right hand corner where the profile button (with the head icon) is. Hover over this, and click on ‘Account’. 

 how to cancel Spotify Premium

From here, you’ll come to the account overview page. Scroll down until you come to the card titled ‘Your Plan', and click on ‘Change Plan’. Alternatively you can also access the next page by clicking on ‘Available plans’ on the left hand side.

how to cancel Spotify Premium

This page will take you to all the available plans on Spotify. Keep scrolling until you find the purple card titled ‘Spotify Free’. Click on ‘Cancel Premium’ on the bottom right-hand corner of the card.

how to cancel Spotify Premium

To confirm your choice, click on ‘Yes, cancel’.

how to cancel Spotify Premium

The next screen will show confirmation of your cancellation, along with a section of optional feedback on your decision. You should also receive an email with your receipt confirming how much you’ve paid (if you cancel before the free trial ends, this should be £0.00/US$0.00) to keep for your records.

It's important to note: cancelling your subscription before your free trial is over won’t end your access to Spotify Premium. I signed up on 30 January 2020 and instantly cancelled and, as you can see below, the trial continues for the three months.

how to cancel Spotify Premium

Once you switch to Spotify Free, you’ll still be able to listen to Spotify’s library. However, you’ll only be able to play music in shuffle mode, with ads. You can always re-activate your Premium subscription, or check out the other plans such as Spotify Family, or Spotify with Headspace. 

If you just don't like Spotify for whatever reason, then check out our guide to the best music streaming services for alternative options.

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