Sky Sports is one of the most popular sets of channels in the TV world, with a wide range of sports to watch such as football, F1 and the NFL. However, with bills rising in the UK, you may be considering cancelling your subscription. 

If you want to do this, then we've rounded up everything you need to know. You can also read up on how to cancel or pause BT Sport.

How to cancel a Sky Sports subscription 

The only way to cancel your Sky Sports is to get in touch directly via the phone (not email or instant chat). The number to call is 0333 759 3772.

The official Sky help page states that you can change your TV package online, but we can not see a way to do this - and Sky has confirmed that calling them up directly is the only method.

By chatting to the retentions team, you may be able to negotiate your TV package to something more affordable. Note that depending on your contract, you might be subject to an early cancellation fee.

If you want to have more flexibility with a Sky Sports contract, then you could instead opt for a Now Sports Membership. This is a monthly streaming pass that can be cancelled at any point. New members can often take advantage of discounts and offers. 

Can you pause Sky Sports?

Sadly, no. During the coronavirus, customers had the option to temporarily pause Sky Sports due to the lack of games and events. However, Sky is no longer offering this option to users now that the schedule is business as usual. 

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