Amazon Prime Video is Amazon's video- and TV streaming service and rival to Netflix. It's part of the wider Amazon Prime subscription service, which costs £7.99 per month. But you can also watch your favourite TV and movies completely free.

How to get Amazon Prime Video free

Right now, the best way to get a free subscription to Amazon Prime Video is to sign up for a month's free trial. As long as you cancel before the period is up, it won't cost you a penny.

Sign up to Amazon Prime Video trial here.

The free subscription is tied to your Amazon account, so technically speaking there's nothing stopping you from signing up to multiple Amazon accounts and running a free trial on each.

However, that's not only more than a bit cheeky, but it's also hasslesome. The good news is there might soon be an easier way to watch Amazon Prime for free.

Free Amazon Prime Video rumours

Amazon is looking to add to its UK Prime service free-to-air TV and advertising-funded channels. In June/July 2018 it has been on the lookout for a new Head of Prime Video Partner Channels, a role that was originally advertised as 'Head of Free to Air TV & Advertising'. 

It has not been officially confirmed by the company, but rumour has it Amazon is also working on a completely free but ad-supported version of Amazon Prime. That means you'll be able to watch what you like, when you like, but with a few adverts forced upon you on return. Sounds like a good deal to us.

According to AdAge, in late-2017 Amazon was in talks with TV networks, movie studios and other content servers to discuss such a service. It says that this could provide a new foothold in streaming video for marketers who are seeing fewer opportunities to advertise on TV thanks to the rise of ad-free subscription services.

Amazon has declined to comment on the matter, but a company executive speaking under the condition of anonymity told the site that "Amazon is talking about giving content creators their own channels, and sharing ad revenue in exchange for a set number of hours of content each week."

It also suggests that Amazon will look to enhance its catalogue for children's programming, lifestyle, travel and cooking, all of which are a natural fit for an e-commerce platform.

Unfortunately, early reports suggest Amazon's talks may have fallen on deaf ears, with the company struggling to get network providers onboard. With still nothing confirmed by the company, it's possible that the plans to launch a free Amazon Prime Video service have now been canned.

We'll bring you more rumours as we hear them.

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