Amazon often updates Alexa so she knows about the latest sporting events and this summer is packed with them. Right now for those in Europe, it’s the start of the delayed Euro 2020 tournament.

And you get ensure you don’t miss the next England match (or any match, in fact) simply by asking her to remind you when a certain team is playing next.

She can do more than that: you can get live scores, take a quiz and play more fun stuff, such as finding out which footballing legend you are most like.

So, for the European Championship – as she calls it – here’s what to say to Alexa during Euro 2020:

  • Alexa, who is playing in the European Championship today?
  • Alexa, set a reminder for the next England/Wales/Scotland match
  • Alexa, what's the England/Wales/Scotland score?
  • Alexa, who will win the European Championship?
  • Alexa, play the European Championship quiz
  • Alexa, which footballer am I?
  • Alexa, tell me a football joke

Beyond football, Alexa will be able to tell you about Wimbledon matches, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and Paralympics after that.

Right now, though, you can have a fun by asking her hundreds of different questions to which she has a bunch of amusing responses

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