As instructed during the Google Home Hub (now rebranded Google Nest Hub) setup process, say "Okay Google, Good morning" and you'll get a recap of any appointments you have in the day ahead, a rundown of the weather forecast and an estimate of how long it's going to take you to get to work, finishing up with a round-up of the day's news.

By default that might not be a video feed of the news, and having just bought a smart speaker with a built-in display that's surely what you want. Here's how to tweak your settings to ensure you see as well as hear the news.

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Configuring news on Google Nest Hub

On your phone or tablet launch the Google Home app, but don't click on your smart display - the settings you want to access are for Google Assistant and not the Home Hub itself. 

Instead tap the account icon at the bottom left and choose Settings, then select the Services tab and choose News.

Google Home Hub Video News

You may already have some news services selected here, and they will be read out by Google Nest Hub in the order that they appear here. Ideally what you want is any with a video icon to appear first in this list - or at all, if none has this icon and the phrase 'Video available on Smart Displays'.

Firstly, then, if you don't see any news services with a video icon at all, select + Add news services. Tap the check box beside any services in the list that pops up that you like the look of and that have the video icon. Then press back.

Google Home Hub Video News

To change the order of the selected news services tap the blue 'Change order' link above the list. Tap and hold on the two lines to the side of each service to drag and drop it to a new position. 

Google Home Hub Video News

When you're happy simply exit the Google Home app, then give it a whirl. Say "Okay Google, tell me the news."

Google Home Hub Video News

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