When you first set up a Google Home or Google Nest speaker you are required to log into your Google account, which allows it to tailor its experience based on your activity, and to tie into the Google services associated with your account.

The thing is, Google Home is designed to be a family device, so it makes no sense for it to focus on just one member of the household. The good news is it is possible for Google Home to recognise up to six different people (and you can set up parental controls and content filters for each member of the family).

By adding your personal Google account to an existing setup you can benefit from a personalised music experience - and from the default provider of your choice, which is handy if you prefer Spotify to Google Play Music and Dad disagrees.

It also comes in handy when using calling features on Google Home, since the Assistant is clever enough to work out you mean your mum and not your partner's mum when you ask it to call mum.

Add user accounts to Google Home

Launch the Google Home app and tap the Settings cog. Under General tap Home members. On the next screen tap the + icon at the top right, then enter their email address and press Save.

Add user to Google Home

Google will confirm exactly what you're giving that person access to, and if you're happy tap More, then Send Invite.

Add user to Google Home

The person you're adding to the Group should now open the Home app on their phone or tablet and tap the Account icon at the bottom left. They should see here an invite is pending requesting that they join your network. They should tap this to accept the invitation.

Now when you enter the Home app and check your individual device settings you will see that person's name pop up under linked accounts. You can add up to six user accounts to your Home network.