Sky Go offers existing subscribers the opportunity to watch live and on demand content while on-the-go (hence the name). What's available will of course be dependent on which package you have, and there's a great range to choose from.

There is also likely to be regular deals in the run-up to Black Friday. Check out all the options on Sky's website.

Check out our selection of the best movies available on Now TV (which uses Sky Cinema to source its library).

How to watch Sky Go: before you start

In addition to being a Sky TV subscriber, the company's official policy is that you need to be in the UK or Ireland for it to work. Of course, you can get around this using a VPN, which will allow you to appear in this country and access the location-restricted content. 

We recommend NordVPN, but check out more options in our best VPN chart. 

In addition to the mobile and tablet apps on iOS and Android, there are now dedicated desktop applications for PC and Mac (there's a separate Sky Sports one on Mac too!).

If you have Sky Go Extra (available for an extra £5 a month), you'll even get access via your Xbox or PS4, although there are some restrictions on live content. Other perks include the ability to stream on multiple devices at the same time and the option to download selected programmes.   

Unfortunately, Sky Go is not compatible with Chromebooks.

The only other requirement is a stable internet connection - Sky recommends a minimum continuous bandwidth of 500Kb/s but this will likely be at a low quality.  Streams dynamically adjust in quality according to your connection speed, but anything above 5Mbps should guarantee a clear picture. 

Sky Go works fine over 3G and 4G, but it will soon use your data allowance, so we recommend using it principally via Wi-Fi. Sky has included a toggle in the app, so you can easily dive into settings and ensure you're not hit with a big phone bill.

It's also worth pointing out that Sky Go doesn't work on rooted handsets. Don't ask us why, it's just the way it is. You can't attach your phone or tablet to a TV (or use AirPlay) to watch programmes on the big screen, but it still works if you connect your laptop via HDMI.

How to watch Sky Go: sign in, stream live

To start watching, it's as simple as signing in with your username and password. If this is the first time you're logging into Sky Go, head to to link your Sky ID to your existing TV account. 

Of course, how you go about this will vary depending on which platform you're on, but it's usually just a case of opening the app, signing in if necessary and loading up what you want to watch.

The Mac appliications may ask you to choose something to watch via the Sky website first, which will then launch the app automatically. 

Be warned, however, you are only allowed to register up to six devices at any one time. If you want to change devices you have to go on to the Sky website and de-register one before you can log in on a new device, and you can only make the change once per month.

Once you've signed in, simply browse through the available programmes and select what you want to watch. For the first few seconds of streaming Sky Go tests your bandwidth so it can offer a stable stream. Tap the screen to access in-play options play/pause.

And that, really, is that. Other options under Settings allow you to manage your devices and set Parental Controls.

How to watch Sky Go: On Demand

The way we watch TV has changed, of course. As well as watching on the move, we increasingly watch TV programmes when we want to, rather than when they are scheduled. Sky Go caters for this, with a decent selection of programmes you can watch on Demand. To access these, simply go to the 'On Demand'  section, where there will be a selection of available content for you to enjoy. This section works in much the same way as the live TV does - you browse to find a programme you wish to watch, then hit play. 

How to watch Sky Go: Download, watch offline (even abroad)

Although you'll see a Download button next to Watch Now, you'll need a subscription to Sky Go Extra which allows downloading, but this will cost you an extra £5 a month, unless you have Sky Q.

With Sky Go Extra, you can download shows and movies via Wi-Fi and then watch them offline, even in a different country.  No VPN required here!