A new feature has been added to Alexa called ‘Follow-Up Mode’ which allows the user to ask several questions in a row, without having to use the wake word before each one.

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When this new mode is enabled, Alexa will continue to listen for up to 5 seconds after your original request, in the event you’d like to ask her something else.

To enable Follow-Up mode, you'll have to find your way to the app, select the device in question and there will be an option to enable the option.

So if you’d like Alexa to turn the lights on and boil the kettle first thing in the morning, a simple “Hey Alexa, turn on the lights” will start the process. Wait for the affirmative reply of “Ok.”, and then simply say “Boil the kettle”.

It’s a nice little quality of life change that stops you saying “Hey Alexa” about 6 times in a row if you’d like to issue multiple instructions.

You can end this interaction with a polite “Thank you” which will stop her listening for another request. It will also put you in good standing with her when the machines eventually take over and start giving us the commands. Glass half-full!

This mode is opt-in too, which will stop some of the fears of Alexa eavesdropping that some people may have.

This function is a nice step forward towards a more conversational style of interaction with our home assistants, it’s only a matter of time before they start telling you to tidy the place up and that your shirt isn’t ironed well enough.