Just recently, Amazon introduced a new voice for Alexa so you can now choose between female- and male-sounding voices depending upon your preference. Simply say "Alexa, change your voice".

Soon you’ll be able to change the wake word – in the UK at least – to Ziggy instead of Alexa. But there’s an unexpected treat in time for Christmas: you can change Alexa’s voice to Santa!

To do it, simply say, “Alexa, enable Hey Santa”. It’s a free Alexa 'Skill': there’s no charge for it.

Alexa will tell you it’ll take a moment to “get things set up” but after that you can use the Alexa or “Hey Santa” wake words interchangeably. That should help when you forget you’ve changed the voice and say Alexa instead.

Amazingly, Santa can respond to most of the things you’d usually ask Alexa, such as setting timers, weather reports, maths problems and more.

How to change Alexa's voice to Hey Santa

He can’t do everything: he won’t set reminders or add ‘turkey’ to your shopping list. (You can just ask Alexa to do those things instead.) But Santa will tell you jokes, the names of his reindeer and many other Christmas-related things, which you can find in our separate article on the funny things to ask Alexa at Christmas.

Here are a couple to get started, though:

  • Hey Santa, am I naughty or nice?
  • Hey Santa, help me get started with the holiday
  • Hey Santa, sing your duet with Meghan Trainor

How to change Alexa's voice to Hey Santa

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