Bluetooth is a fairly common feature in laptops, but it's rarer in desktop PCs which still tend to lack Wi-Fi and Bluetooth unless they're a top-end model.

Fortunately it's easy to see if your PC has Bluetooth and, if it doesn't we'll show you how you can add it.

How do I check if my PC has Bluetooth?

Open up your Device Manager. It's simple in Windows 10: press the Windows key and X together, then M.

You can also find it by searching for it in the search bar or by going into Control Panel, Hardware & Sound, then clicking Device Manager.

Once you open it up, you’ll be greeted by a window that looks like this:

How to check if your PC has Bluetooth

This particular PC doesn’t have Bluetooth, and that's why there is no entry in the list called ‘Bluetooth Radios’. The sections are listed alphabetically, so it would be right at the top if the machine did have it.

However, do check under the ‘Network adapters’ section a little further down as Bluetooth can also be listed there too. Again, if you don't see anything, then your PC does not have it.

How to check if your PC has Bluetooth

If anything in this section says ‘Bluetooth’ then you’re in luck, and your machine has Bluetooth functionality here.

How do I add Bluetooth to my PC?

If you don’t have the ability to use Bluetooth on your PC, then you can buy a Bluetooth dongle that you simply plug into a free USB port.

How to check if your PC has Bluetooth

To connect to a Bluetooth device, open Settings (press Win+I) and click on Devices, then Add a Bluetooth or other device. Your PC will scan and find any available Bluetooth devices that are discoverable. You will need to check your device's manual to find out how to put it in pairing mode, which will make it discoverable.

How to check if your PC has Bluetooth