During the pandemic, we've become more reliant on the online world than ever before. The internet has become a crucial tool in getting essential supplies, and it's replaced face-to-face contact in many circumstances.

Almost everyone who's been working from home needs a reliable internet connection, too. With flexible working set to become the norm for many companies, demand on internet service providers (ISPs) is set to remain high. 

BT is one of the largest broadband providers in the UK, but it also provides 4G and 5G data using EE's network. It means millions of people may be affected by any outage - if you're reading this article, you could be suffering from internet problems right now. 

But is the issue local to your home, or is it a bigger outage? Before you go unplugging cables, we've listed below the quickest ways to check if there's a bigger issue in your area.

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Is BT broadband down in my area?

The frustrating irony of your BT broadband internet connection being disrupted is you can’t check the latest news about it on your computer. You may well be reading this now using your phone’s mobile internet instead, and this is the best way to check under those circumstances.

BT is active on Twitter, and the best BT account to check on the latest BT phone and broadband service status updates is @BT_uk. You can tweet them directly for an update, and their DMs are open to everyone.

For a quick overview of the current state of affairs, input your landline number on BT's Service Status page. This will tell you if there are any current issues in your area. This page used to provide a general overview of the UK status, but that's no longer available.

BT Service Status

If you're not willing or able to enter your landline number, Downdetector provides an overview of the current status. It's typically based on user reports, but usually quite reliable.

Is BT phone service down in my area? 

Thankfully a less common outage, generally speaking, is BT phone services. Unfortunately, there's no way to check mobile-specific issues on the BT website. However, Is the service down? breaks down user reports into particular categories, giving an overview of how widespread the problems are.

What is the BT customer service number?

If your BT phone or broadband service is down, you can call BT directly, though at peak times of outages remember waiting times will be lengthy. These lines are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

BT customer service phone numbers for BT broadband or phone problems

From the UK: 0800 800 150 (free from landlines, mobile costs may vary)

From abroad: +44 179 359 6931

BT customer service phone numbers for BT phone line problems 

From the UK: 0800 800 150 (free from landlines, mobile costs may vary)

From abroad: +44 179 359 6931

There are also a range of technical support services available on the BT website. These are broken down into the most popular categories, with separate ones for both broadband and mobile.