Apple has done what many fans feared and removed the headphone jack from its new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It's not quite Lightning-gate all over again, though, because you aren't forced to go and buy new accessories in response. Here we outline your iPhone 7 headphone options - how to use any headphones with iPhone 7.

It's worth pointing out that Apple does include a pair of EarPods in the box that connect to the iPhone 7 over Lightning, and it's quite possible you're more than happy to use either these or the iPhone's new stereo speakers for listening to audio. However, it's equally possible that you've previously splashed out on a decent pair of cans - perhaps some of those in our best headphones group test - and want to continue using them.

How to use normal headphones with iPhone 7

If it's a wireless pair of headphones you own, no problem. You can connect those to the iPhone 7 in exactly the same way as you would your iPhone 6s, and as you would Apple's new wireless AirPods. You simply pair the headphones over Bluetooth and begin playback.

It's more of an issue if you have a pair of headphones or earphones with a 3.5mm connector. There is no headphone jack on the iPhone 7, and even brute force won't make that analogue minijack work in a Lightning port. Instead you need an adaptor.

Apple does, to its credit, supply a Lightning adaptor in the box, but should yours break or go missing you're going to need another. You can buy the Lightning to 3.5mm adaptor direct from Apple for £9, or alternatives from many other Apple accessory suppliers.

Somewhat more expensive is Mobile Fun's Lightning to 3.5mm adaptor cable that includes an inline mic and controls. It's 'only' £90.

Lightning to 3.5mm converter

How to charge iPhone 7 and play music - how to pair iPhone 7 with headphones and power bank

Another problem you will quickly find is that with only one Lightning connection it's impossible to charge the iPhone 7 and play music at the same time unless you resort to wireless headphones or its new built-in stereo speakers. Belkin has a solution with its Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar (£34.99), which lets you charge your phone and plug in a pair of Lightning headphones at the same time (you'll need to use an adaptor if you want to plug in 3.5mm jack headphones). This is ideal if you want to pair the iPhone 7 with a power bank.

Charge and play music iPhone 7

Another possibility is to use an iPhone 7 battery case rather than a power bank. This will allow you to charge your iPhone with the case, while plugging in your headphones to the Lightning connection on the case. Apple's own Smart Battery Case costs £99, though you will soon be able to find cheaper third-party versions online.

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