As you probably know, the Sonos Move is the only portable speaker in the firm’s range, but how do you replace the battery once it dies? Well, here’s what you need and how to swap them over. 

The Sonos Move came out in late 2019 so it’s unlikely many users will need to replace the battery. Sonos said it would last around three years or 900 charges, whichever came first, but that does mean heavy users could be seeing the battery life dwindle. 

Whenever the time does come, your Move won’t be a very expensive paperweight as Sonos has released its replacement battery kit which you can buy on the official store for £69 or US$69.  

It's available in Shadow Black or Lunar White to match whichever Move you have, although you could go a bit maverick and get the opposite colour for a two-tone effect. 

You'll get everything you need to change the battery over so there’s no need to book a technician, you can do it at home within a few minutes of receiving the kit.

It contains a new 36Wh battery, an Allen key tool, two screws and what looks like a guitar pick which will help you remove the existing battery. 

When you’re ready to go, follow these instructions: 

  1. Make sure the Move is switched off 
  2. Turn the speaker upside down and remove the long rubber strip using the triangular tool 
  3. Now remove the two screws with the supplied tool 
  4. Remove the battery (the triangle tool may help again by levering around the edge) 
  5. Insert new battery 
  6. Insert new screws 
  7. Attach rubber strip 

Sonos replacement battery

How to recycle your old Move battery 

Now you’re probably wondering what to do with your old Move battery. Well, don’t throw it in the bin.  

You can either find a local certified e-waste facility near you or send the battery back to Sonos. If you call 0800 026 1526 then the firm will sort you out with a prepaid shipping label.  

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