YouTube is an invaluable resource for music fans. While Spotify, Deezer and others battle it out for dominance in the streaming market,  YouTube has become such a popular music site that Google now has a subscription service that allows you to watch YouTube videos without ads and even offline. In this guide we'll show you how to put together a Christmas playlist so you can be very festive indeed this season.

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Adding the playlist

To create a Christmas playlist simply log into your YouTube account and browse to a song you wish to include. Click the + Add to button below the video, then select Create a new Playlist. Enter a name for your playlist, such as Christmas 2017, then decide whether you want it to be a public, unlisted or private playlist. Click Create.

Add to new playlist

Continue adding Christmas songs to your playlist by browsing to them, clicking + Add to, but this time choosing your Christmas 2017 playlist from the available options.

Add to playlist

To access your Christmas playlist at any time simply tap the three lines icon at the top left to open the YouTube menu. Your Christmas 2017 playlist should be listed under Library.

Find YouTube playlist

You can do the same thing on mobile in the YouTube app by clicking the Add to button under the video, then either selecting an existing playlist or choosing Create a new playlist. Tick the box if you want it to be a private playlist.

YouTube mobile playlist

Editing the playlist

You can rearrange songs in your playlist simply by dragging and dropping them within the list. If you want to remove a song click on the three dots at the far right and choose 'Remove from playlist'. You can also use this menu to set a thumbnail for your playlist.