While some Google Home and Nest devices deliver seriously strong audio in their own right, some of the smaller speakers and smart displays don't pack quite the same oomph. Luckily, you can pair them with most ordinary Bluetooth speakers, letting you use the Google device for its smarts, and your more powerful Bluetooth speakers for their sound quality.

It's probably of particular interest to Google Home Mini or Nest Mini owners, but is possible with any Google Home speakers. 

Though you will still need to talk to the Google Assistant on your Google Home device to control playback, that audio can now be streamed through alternative speakers when set as the default playback device. You can also add those speakers to a homegroup for multi-room audio, albeit one at a time - and you may need to adjust the latency within the Google Home app to make sure the slight lag from Bluetooth doesn't leave them out of sync.

In order to be compatible your Bluetooth speakers must have Bluetooth 2.1 or higher. Make sure they’re in pairing mode, then follow the steps below.

Connect Bluetooth speakers to Google Home

  • Open the Google Home app
  • Select your Google Home device from the main screen
  • Tap the Settings cog to access device settings
  • Scroll down to Paired Bluetooth Devices
  • Tap Enable Pairing mode
  • Select the speaker you want to connect
  • On the previous screen you can also select ‘Default music speaker’ if required

Once you've got this set up, if you want to upgrade your audio even further then you might want to set up multiroom audio on Google Home or set up music content filters on Google Home

You can also always check out our ranked guide to the best Bluetooth speakers around if you want to make sure you're getting the best sound possible out of your Google Home.