Apple has made it simple to take a screenshot on all of its mobile devices - just press the home and sleep/wake button together on an iPhone, iPad or both buttons on the Apple Watch - but there's no built-in screen recorder. It's not easy to record a video of your iPad's screen, but it is possible. Here's how.

First, the bad news. Not only can you not natively record what happens on your iPad's screen, but there are no apps which will do the job either, unless you happen to have jailbroken it. Since we don't advocate jailbreaking, this leaves only a couple of alternative options:

Using a Mac or PC

If you have a Mac or PC, which you probably do, you are in luck. There are several apps which can record what happens on your iPad (or, indeed, iPhone) when it's connected to your laptop, PC or Mac using its Lightning cable.

One of the better ones is X-Mirage which, although not free, is still a cheap option at $16. It works out at £13.50 with VAT added on. Another option is Apowersoft's iPhone/iPad Recorder which costs $39.95 for personal use. It lets you choose the format of the saved video, adjust the quality and also choose which audio input to use (system sound, microphone and both).

It uses AirPlay streaming to display on your computer whatever is happening on your iPad, along with audio. This is good in itself, but you can also record the stream and also choose to record the iPad's microphone so you can explain what you're doing or what's happening without having to create a separate voiceover.

Another alternative is Wondershare's dr.fone toolkit - iOS screen recorder. This costs $19.99 and works in a very similar way. However, it uses Wi-Fi, so you don't need to connect your iPad to your PC with a wire. All iPads running iOS 7.1 or later are supported.

Using external hardware

This is undoubtedly an expensive option, but it's an alternative worth mentioning. If you buy a video capture device such as the Elgato Game Capture HD60 (€159 from Elgato with a €9.90 shipping charge) or the Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket (£99 from Amazon).

The advantage with the Hauppauge (below) is that you can record direct to a USB flash drive or hard drive: you don't need a PC or Mac.

How to record iPad screen

However, since both devices are really designed to record from games consoles and has an HDMI rather than USB input, you'll also need a Digital AV Adapter from Apple, since the iPad doesn't have an HDMI output. That's an extra £40.

Doing it the free way

If you don't need great quality, and you're happy to 'bodge' it, you can can record your iPad's screen using your phone's camera.

Of course, you can use a good-quality camera on a tripod and set it to manual mode so it doesn't go out of focus or keep changing exposure as the scene on screen changes, but simply pointing any camcorder you have at your iPad might do the job.

This is the method many YouTubers opt for, albeit with a good-quality camera and some good lighting, as it shows not just the iPad's screen, but the tablet itself and your fingers, which can help if you're attempting to show how to achieve something, such as changing a particular setting in an app, or something that requires you to connect a cable to the tablet or press its buttons.