The App Store may be awash with a multitude of excellent apps, but should one fail to meet your needs or expectations then you’ll want to remove it from your iPhone. We show you three different ways to free up storage (and home screen real estate) by deleting apps.

How do I delete apps on iOS 13?

A quick way to delete solitary apps on an iPhone with 3D Touch has always been to press down on the icon until a menu appears. Since the iOS 13.2 update, this method has now been made available to non-3D Touch devices as well.

So, if you just want to remove one app, tap and hold its icon and wait for the menu to pop-up. Then it’s just a case of tapping the Delete option and confirming your decision by tapping Delete once more.

How to delete apps on iPhone: 3D Touch

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How do I delete multiple iPhone apps at once?

The classic method for removing apps from iPhone has been to induce the ‘jiggling’ icons. This isn’t exactly the official term from Apple, but it’s pretty much what everyone calls it.

It might seem, with the introduction of the previous method, that this is no longer a part of iOS, but that’s not true. To make those icons start dancing all you need to do is press and hold one of them, ignore the contextual menu that appears, then when you see the icons start to jiggle you can stop pressing.

How to delete apps on iPhone: Jiggle Mode

In the top-left corner of each app you’ll see a circle with a cross inside. Tapping this will delete the app and you can do as many as you like before coming out of the jiggling mode by either pressing the Home button or the Side button depending on which iPhone you have.

How do I delete iPhone apps in Settings?

If you prefer to use the menu system rather than mucking about with dancing icons, that’s an option too. Simply go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage then scroll down through the list until you find the app in question. Select it, then on the next page tap the Delete App option, confirm your choice, and it will bother you no more.

How to delete apps on iPhone: Settings

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