Windows 10 is highly customisable, but many people end up sticking with the default layout. 

One of the easiest ways to completely change the look and feel of your device is by installing a theme. The popularity of Windows 10 means there's a huge range to choose from, the vast majority of which are free. 

Here are our top picks.

The best Windows 10 themes

GreyEve Theme


‘Dark themes’ are becoming more and more popular as they provide a white text on a dark background, rather than darker text on a white background. This helps reduce the glare and excess light coming from your screen which can be particularly distracting at night in a darker room.

The GreyEve theme doesn’t change the design of the Windows interface, just changes the colours – you can download GreyEve for Windows 10 here.

Mac OS theme

Windows 10 Mac OS Theme

If you’re a Mac user that has to use a PC for work or a PC user that loves the Mac aesthetic, then you’re in luck!

Although macOS Big Sur is yet to be released, there's already a Windows theme available. Downloading it is a surefire way to confuse anyone looking over your shoulder, while there also versions available for macOS Catalina and macOS High Sierra if you prefer.

Themes for previous versions of Windows

Windows 95 Theme

For those of us feeling a little nostalgic for the Windows design language of yesteryear, you can turn back time and get an old-school look to your desktop with a Windows XP theme or even a Windows 95 theme.

The great part about these themes is that they don’t take away any system functionality, so you’ll have all the bells and whistles of Windows 10 with the older aesthetic that you enjoy.

Diversityx VS

Windows 10 Diversity Theme

This theme brings a darker colour scale with a revamped design which gives it a very classy, slick and professional look while still being very appealing. Excellent for use in a dark room too because of the more subdued and subtle colour scheme, you can find Diversityx VS just here.


Oxford Theme

If you’re looking for something simple, clean by still very pretty then Oxford is a great choice. Clean cut lines that remind of pencil drawings for icons make the theme very clear and easy to navigate while being easy on the eye. You can download the Oxford theme right here.

Windows 10 Anime Themes

Windows 10 Anime Themes

If you’re an Anime fan or even just a fan of excellent digital character art, then you can find an entire section on dedicated to the genre. World-famous anime shows are represented with everything from Boku no Hero to One Punch Man.


Flattastic Windows 10

If you’re just looking for a pretty, minimalistic and simple theme then Flattastic could be the one for you.

A soft array of colours compliments the Windows 10 design, making the whole thing softer and more relaxing for the eye – check it out over on

Not convinced by any of these themes? There are plenty of alternatives available on the Microsoft website, all of which are free to download.