A year ago, respiratory health was not at the forefront of our minds, let alone our blood-oxygen levels, our heart rates or whether we were getting enough sleep. Recent events have caused this to change dramatically.

Since the global pandemic, and the ensuing enforced period of isolation, our health and wellbeing have become highly important aspects of our lives. Although many of us already went to the gym, stayed active and ensured we took the necessary breaks to recharge our batteries, the pandemic shone a spotlight on even the smallest of bad habits.

One of the challenges we all now face is maintaining a healthy lifestyle 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For example, when we sleep. Studies have shown that getting a good night’s sleep is imperative to our wellbeing, but even with the best of intentions we can still wake up feeling groggy and unrested.

Thankfully, there are companies out there who have made it their mission to help.

One such company is Zepp.


Sophisticated design, intelligent management

Many smart health monitors are available today, and each can help us understand how our body is reacting to external stimulants throughout the day and night.

But what about when we want to dress up in our finery and make a statement? True, these times have been a rarity of late, but hopefully not for long!

When that time comes, we need a timepiece that looks the part and performs those vital health checks.

Zepp watch

Zepp’s smart devices, such as the Zepp Z, are focused on bringing together advanced health technology and sophisticated, high-end materials.

The Zepp Z features the latest health tools, including SpO2 measurement, a PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) health assessment system, and stress- and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep-quality monitoring.

And it boasts a classic yet contemporary design, possible thanks to a single piece of polished titanium-alloy, a leather strap and more than 50 vivid displays to suit any mood, outfit or occasion.

From ‘nice to have’ to necessity

The 2015 ‘Apple Watch’ took smartwatches from a niche product, reserved only for fitness fanatics and technology geeks, to something to which we all are accustomed and wish to use on a daily basis.

However, as these devices have become more sophisticated, it is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to really understand what all this data means for their health.

Thankfully, leading smartwatch manufacturers are addressing this. For instance, with Zepp’s PAI score - also available on the Amazfit watches, Zepp’s sister brand - users are able to better manage and control their health throughout the day.

Its single score output is unique to each user by utilising private information such as age, gender and resting heart rate. This combination of data ensures Zepp users understand their overall wellbeing, every single moment of their day, with just a quick glance at their wrist.

Zepp utilised its sleep data in its recent Global Sleep Study, finding Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata was the most popular music to drift off to.

Thanks to these intelligent systems, which simplify the most complex sets of data, users are able to better understand their overall health and what they can do to improve it.

Zepp’s goal has been to help people understand how to stay heathy and provide the analytical tools for them to do so.

When COVID-19 emerged, and doctors had little understanding of how this deadly disease affected the respiratory system, Zepp’s leading scientists tapped into their bank of anonymised smartwatch user data to help nations predict spikes in cases, and ultimately plan for the future.

The purpose behind the brand

The company’s logo contains the Greek symbol ∑, meaning sum, and this shouldn't be surprising. Although Zepp is currently focusing all its resources on providing consumers with intelligent wearables with a striking vintage feel, the brand wants to eventually be the sum of many things.

From hardware and software, to research and development, ultimately Zepp wants to ensure that everyone has a clear, holistic knowledge of their own personal health and how to continue improving it over time.

As a society, even during this pandemic, our lives continue to become even more interconnected. Now, thanks to the latest wearables, we are also able to become more interconnected with our entire personal health ecosystem.

From each heartbeat, to every blink of the eye, understanding the movements of our body allows us to better take care of ourselves and make the best possible life choices.