Puma has announced its latest take on the self-lacing shoe market called Fi or Fit Intelligence. This announcement comes a few weeks after Nike’s own take on the self-tightening technology.

The trainers will adapt to the size of the wearer’s foot when a finger is swiped across a module located on top of the tongue of the shoe. A small motor then pulls the laces tight, in this case a pair of blue cables that run around and through the shoe itself – the tightness may then be adjusted through a smartphone app or an Apple Watch.

These shoes are an upgraded and generally more commercially viable version of the AutoDisc product that Puma launched a few years ago. The Fit Intelligence model can be charged wirelessly and last around 5 days – sadly it doesn’t include any step-counting, tracking or calories burned functionality.

Puma has actually sent out a call for “tech-savvy” people to help test the shoe and provide a range of feedback. The shoe is made for workouts and light running specifically so anyone willing to test the shoe in those environments would be ideal.

If you’d like to get in on this beta test then Puma’s Pumatrac training app on the App Store or Play Store and you will then be notified when beta registration begins.

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