There is a ton of wearable gadgets out there all vying for a space on your wrist and this is how we test them at Tech Advisor.

To be clear, we’re talking about smartwatches and fitness trackers here rather than other wearable tech such as VR headsets or smart glasses.

We have the following core charts for wearable devices:

Since there are no benchmark apps that we can run on wearable devices like we do with laptops and smartphones, we rely on real world testing.

This means, like anything we review, our expert staff use the smartwatch or tracker as if they had purchased one. We connect it to a smartphone and simply use it daily for a long as possible - typically for a week and often longer.

Over that time period, we naturally test out all the features and functions on offer, from the basic notifications to detailed fitness tracking. We’ll also test out specific pieces of hardware such as the heart rate monitor.

The testing period also means we’ll use the device in a range of locations and situations, seeing if the display is up to the task - especially brightness outdoors - and how long the battery lasts compared to the manufacturer’s claim.

Apple Watch

We test all major brands and operating systems so we know how they compare to each other and we’ll make sure we investigate whether anything key is missing such as support for popular apps or waterproofing when a wearable is supposed to be rugged.

During this time we’ll also understand what performance is like, especially as wearables are a bit prone to be underpowered.

Review samples are provided to us either from the manufacturer or sometimes a retailer or phone network for a limited time. We are under no obligation to score them in a particular way or give an award.