Fitbit recently released a new activity tracker – the Luxe – which resembles the company's entry-level Inspire 2, right down to near-identical fitness and wellness features. So what’s the difference and which is is the better buy for you?

For fuller descriptions of each, head to our Fitbit Inspire 2 review and Fitbit Luxe review.

Design and build

Both Fitbit trackers look similar, with a slim and lightweight design. But there are some fairly fundamental differences.

The actual activity tracking part is the central ‘pebble’ that comes attached to the wristband of your choice.

The tracker portion of the Inspire 2 tracker is built from high-quality plastic, while the Luxe's housing is made of stainless steel.

To the eye, this difference is difficult to discern, but the Luxe certainly feels as though it offers better build quality, although we've had no problems with the Inspire 2’s casing either. Both trackers are also water-resistant up to 50 metres.

Both ship with a silicone band that fastens with an anodised metal buckle and tang. This is very easily swappable with the choice of accessory straps available from Fitbit (read on for more on their various accessory options).

Fitbit Inspire 2 vs Luxe display


The screen is the biggest and most obvious difference between these two trackers. The Luxe boasts a 0.76in (124 x 206) colour AMOLED touchscreen, while the Inspire 2’s 1.4in touch-capable OLED is only monochrome.

Some of the effects of this difference are, understandably superficial but the colour screen is undeniably more desirable. Everything is more easily discernible and colour allows for greater differentiation of information at a glance, although the text is pretty tiny across both trackers.

If you want a larger, easier-to-read screen, you should consider one of Fitbit’s smartwatches – like the Versa 3 or Sense – which will also offer extra features, such as built-in GPS, more health functions, voice control, and on-wrist phone call support.

Check out our Fitbit Versa 3 vs Fitbit Sense comparison for a true side-by-side of their respective features and functions.


As you’d expect with the Luxe’s stainless steel construction, it's technically a little heavier, but you'd be hard-pressed to notice the 3g difference between the two. It's also slimmer and a tad smaller overall, but again, only by very fine margins.

The Inspire 2's tracker measures 37mm by 16.8mm by 12.9mm, while the body of Luxe clocks in at 36.30mm by 17.62mm by 10.05mm.


On the fitness and wellness side of things, the Luxe and Inspire 2 are nearly identical. The two share the following health features:

  • All-day activity tracking (steps, distance, calories burned)
  • Reminders to move
  • 24/7 heart-rate tracking
  • Heart rate zones (fat burn, cardio, peak)
  • Resting heart rate
  • Breathing rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Swim tracking
  • Connected GPS (via smartphone)
  • 20 exercise modes
  • SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition
  • Female health tracking
  • Guided breathing
  • Stress Management Score
  • Advanced sleep tracking
  • Sleep Score
  • Cardio Fitness Score
  • Call, calendar and text notifications
  • Timer and stopwatch

But there are differences.

Luxe only: While not present at launch, the Luxe will soon feature oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring, which can indicate important changes in terms of fitness and recovery. This feature has not yet been promised to the Inspire 2.

Inspire 2 only: Exclusive to the Inspire 2 is Find With Tile, which uses Tile technology to keep track of your Inspire 2 when you download the free Tile app on your smartphone.

If you want to add fitness features without going as far as one of Fitbit’s smartwatches, read our Fitbit Charge 4 review for a full assessment of the company’s top-end tracker, which boasts a built-in GPS, altimeter, skin-temperature tracking, Spotify controls and Fitbit Pay.

Check out our Fitbit Inspire 2 vs Fitbit Charge 4 activity tracker comparison too.

Battery life

Whether it’s the energy-sapping colour display or the slightly more slender shape and smaller size, the Luxe’s battery life is also half that of the Inspire 2.

Fitbit claims up to ten days for the Inspire 2 (during review ours lasted up to 12) and only five days for the Luxe (however, we managed six).

This means you’ll be charging your Inspire 2 half as often as the Luxe. If you have a decent charging routine, this shouldn’t matter but it’s such a significant difference that needed mentioning between these otherwise predominantly like-minded trackers.


You pay a fairly heavy premium for the Luxe’s stainless steel body and colour screen.

The Fitbit Luxe costs £129.99 in the UK, $149.95 in the US, €149.95 in the EU, $199.95 in Canada, and $199.95 in Australia.

The Gorjana Special Edition – with its exclusive link strap – is priced at £179.99 (UK), $199.95 (US), €199.95 (EU), $249.95 (CA) and $199.95 (AU).

You’ll save a pretty penny opting for the Inspire 2, which costs £89.99 in the UK, $99.95 in the US, €99.95 in the EU, $129.95 in Canada, and $179.95 in Australia.

As a recently-released product, there are few discounts on the Luxe, whereas there are often some offers notable on the Inspire 2. We've rounded up the best Fitbit deals to help you find the best discounts available now.

Colour choices

Fitbit Inspire 2 colour models

The Inspire 2 is available in three strap colours:

  • Black
  • Lunar White
  • Desert Rose

Fitbit Luxe models

The Luxe is available in three colour combinations and a Special Edition jewellery piece:

  • Soft Gold stainless steel body with Lunar White strap
  • Graphite stainless steel body with black strap
  • Platinum stainless steel body with Orchid strap
  • Special Edition Gorjana Soft Gold Stainless Steel body with Parker Link Bracelet


You get small and large silicone straps in-box with both the Inspire 2 and Luxe, but there are plenty more to choose from as additional accessories.

Fitbit Inspire 2 accessories

Switching straps with either tracker is super easy, with the Inspire 2 benefitting from a greater range of alternative bands overall – having been on the market longer.

Along with the three silicone strap colours shown already (black, Lunar White and Desert Rose), there’s a flowery patterned band, a stainless-steel mesh band (in rose gold or silver), and a dark brown or Midnight Blue Horween leather strap (availability of these varies by region), and even a double wrap Horween leather band – just like the Luxe – although in fewer colour options.

Another option for the Inspire 2 is a black clip (pictured), which can be hooked onto a belt or bra, leaving your wrists free, if you prefer (although activating 'On Clip' mode deactivates certain functions, like heart-rate tracking, automatic exercise tracking, and Active Zone Minutes).

Fitbit Luxe accessories

The Luxe can be accessorised with four Classic silicone bands: the three main colours (black, Lunar White and Orchid) and a rather sweet Peony pink. So by buying the extra strap, you could add an Orchid strap to a Graphite body if you prefer that combination, for example.

And then there are fancier bands to choose from...

The most jewellery-like is the Gorjana for Luxe Parker Link Bracelet in either Soft Gold or Platimum stainless steel. While the same finishes are also available in mesh wristband form too.

There are also two woven bands, in either Slate Grey or Hibiscus Pink (pictured) and perhaps most stylish of all is the Horween leather double-wrap strap in Sunrise Orange (pictured), black and in an Earth Grey Croc style.


Small size and feature differences aside, the Luxe is really a deluxe version of the Inspire 2. You get a higher quality build and a lovely colour screen, but you pay nearly half again for these desirable benefits.

The feature set on both trackers is pretty much all you need from a fitness tracking point of view, with some nice wellness functions thrown in.

The next step up from both is the Fitbit Charge 4. Although that lacks the Luxe's colour screen, it's packed out with near-smartwatch-like features, such as built-in GPS.

Alternatively, if you're taken by the Luxe's colour screen, you might fancy a step up to the Fitbit Versa 3 smartwatch instead.

We've compared the entire range to find the best Fitbit for you.

But for sheer value for money, we still rate the Fitbit Inspire 2 as one of our favourite-ever tracker-style Fitbits. Check out Best Fitness Trackers features to see what the competition has to offer.