With Christmas just around the corner and a wide array of battery powered gizmos and toys about to be unwrapped, we're going to see a whole lot of batteries used over the next few weeks. This sadly means that hundreds of millions of batteries will be thrown away over Christmas and the coming year, heading into landfill sites across the country.

James Tuck, marketing manager for GP Batteries UK, offers a warning about batteries that end up in a landfill, “[batteries] can take 100 years to decompose and in some cases heavy metals in them can turn toxic and seep into the environment.”

A OnePoll,com research piece of 2000 adults showed that while Christmas is a time for giving, it is also a time that sees a lot of waste with millions of rolls of wrapping paper and plates of food being thrown away, along with traditional batteries.

The environment is coming closer and closer to the forefront of everyone's mind and even small changes can have a large impact when it comes to doing your part. Simply changing your batteries from single use to rechargeable will have a massive individual impact on both the planet and your finances.

If you'd like to make sure your laptop battery is running at its best, we show you how to test your laptop battery in Windows 10.

A rechargeable battery can be reused up to 1500 times so making this switch will not only stop thousands of batteries entering the environment per person, they are also a much cheaper and convenient option for powering your devices.

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