Amazon’s most recent company purchase has been of Eero which makes mesh, easy-to-use routers that help you maintain WiFi access across your home.

This purchase can be described as nothing less than strategic as Amazon currently doesn’t have a direct answer for Google Wifi, a mesh router that Google has had out for a while.

The advantage of mesh routers is that they increase the stability and amount of WiFi coverage in your home, and as our homes become more reliant on reliable WiFi thanks to the growing number of Smart devices available on the market – demand for these mesh routers is only going to increase.

Amazon will almost certainly be releasing its own Mesh Router product designed to be very easy-to-use and set up, and able to pair with Alexa and Alexa enabled devices right out of the box. While Eero’s brand seems to have survived the acquisition in the short term it’s fairly likely that it will be rolled into Amazon’s central Alexa brand sooner rather than later.

Mesh routers operate by using multiple access points to cover an entire house with a strong WiFi signal rather than relying on a single focal point as most traditional routers do. As the amount of smart technology in our homes increases, we’re likely to see more and more of these in the coming months and years.

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