Everyone shoots video these days. Whether it’s on your action camera, drone or phone, you probably have gigabytes upon gigabytes of footage.

Phones make it simple to share these videos, but editing options are limited to trimming off the ends and applying filters. Plus, many devices and cameras can record in 4K and shoot slow-motion at high frame rates, but these videos are demanding to edit.

Traditional video editors struggle with this type of footage, and laggy, stuttering playback – even complete lockups – are exactly what you don’t want. Fortunately, this is where VideoProc comes in: an easy way to edit and process videos from GoPro, drones, phones and other devices .

Full (GPU) speed ahead

VideoProc is your all-in-one tool for trimming, editing, converting and compressing videos. It does all these tasks surprisingly quickly thanks to its support for all types of hardware acceleration. Whatever hardware is available in your PC or laptop – Intel, AMD or Nvidia - VideoProc can harness it to speed things along.

When you first launch VideoProc, it will analyse your computer and ensure it takes full advantage of Intel QSV, AMD and Nvidia CUDA to process videos in the quickest possible speed.

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A cooler, quieter PC

 As you’d expect, VideoProc uses your graphics card, taking the load off your CPU when processing 4K UHD and slo-mo videos. What this means is that no matter which camera you have, be it a GoPro action camera, a DJI drone or something else, VideoProc will be able to handle it without putting too much stress on your CPU.

Process video from GoPro, DJI drones and phones

Even if you love to use the ProTune mode on your GoPro, which generates much larger video files, VideoProc will help process and make your files smaller by as it can convert them to the much more efficient HEVC format. And you won’t lose any detail or quality, so you can still edit that footage later.

The same applies if you want to film in 4K resolution, use the time-lapse or slo-mo modes.

VideoProc also lets you resize and process video in the following ways:

1. Cut and trim footage and keep only your preferred segment.
2. Split large videos into small parts automatically
3. Crop video to remove unwanted areas.

Read on to see  six methods to resize GoPro videos

Merge, Rotate, Flip, Stabilize, De-noise and Remove Fisheye

When it comes to editing, you’ll find the must-have video processing tools you need are now at your fingertips. Instead of using expensive editors such as Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut X, you can rely on the easier-to-use, VideoProc to merge videos, rotate them, flip and mirror them, add subtitles, effects and more.

Are your 4K videos shaky because your GoPro or phone doesn’t allow stabilisation in UHD? VideoPro can fix your shaky footage and keep the original video content without cropping images.

GoPro videos shot with Wide or SuperView mode look stunning, but the fisheye/barrel effect might not be to your taste. VideoProc helps you remove the Fisheye look and extract the segment you need.

Tools for power users

If you’re a power user that understands video/audio codec, bitrates, frame rate, aspect ratios and sample rate, you can select the precise settings you need, most of which are not available in action cameras, drones and phones. 

The settings give you more flexibility in controlling your video quality and file size.

Convert DVDs

VideoProc also enables you to back up your physical discs and convert them to any format you like.

So if you want to watch your DVD of The Matrix on your iPhone or Android tablet, that’s a fast and easy process thanks to the easy-to-use interface. Presets mean you don’t need to remember the screen resolution: just select your phone or manufacturer from the list.

And if you’ve decided it’s high time you ripped your entire DVD library so you can store them on your NAS drive for easy access, the 1:1 copy mode ensures every last detail is preserved.

Download videos

What if the video you want to edit is online? VideoProc has that covered too, with its dedicated downloader tool.

Simply copy and paste the URL from YouTube, Facebook or another website and you can choose which resolution and format you’d like – including 4K if the original video is available in Ultra HD. After downloading, you can use VideoProc to convert the video to any other format, so if your video downloaded in webM format, you can convert it to MP4 or something more compatible.

It’ll even download the whole channel or your Watch Later playlist if you sign into your YouTube account.

Record your screen

Yet another tool is Recorder. With this you can record what’s on your PC’s screen, the video feed from your webcam or even both together.

So if you want to create your own tutorial video for YouTube or record some gameplay which includes a thumbnail of your face from your webcam, everything is possible.

You can choose which region of the screen to record and, once you have the recorded file you can use VideoProc to transcode it into other formats.


Thanks to its ability to quickly trim and transcode videos, you can pick just the interesting part from a 4K GoPro, DJI drone video and save it as a 1080p file ready to share on Facebook or save to your cloud storage.

Similarly, if your YouTube account limits you to 15 minute videos, VideoProc lets you easily cut down your masterpiece so it isn’t too long.

Put simply, VideoProc is an easy and fast way for all your video processing needs.