WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Overview

In days gone by, we lived in an analogue world where we relied on tapes, from cassettes to VHS. Then came digital with CDs and DVDs. Now, the world is moving online where music and video are streamed on-demand but physical recording on discs are still important. After all, you might still have analogue videos of your child’s first steps, your wedding or that memorable family holiday.

Plus, even if you have numerous DVD discs on your shelf, these too need to be protected. Lost cases or clumsy handling can result in scratches and render the disc unusable. Therefore, it’s always advisable to back up your DVD discs to digital before it’s too late.

DVD ripper tools can help to back up those videos and even transfer the DVD content to your phone or tablet so you have your favourite videos with you at all times. But which DVD ripper is the best tool for the job? This is where WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can help.

It copies the real video from your DVD, converts it into digital MP4, AVI, MOV or other format and saves it to your computer’s hard disk at incomparable speed and low CPU usage, so it’ll work with any DVD disc, even if it contains home video, commercial movie or workout video.

Better still, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can automatically take advantage of any compatible hardware in your laptop or PC to rip DVDs even more quickly with less power consumption. If your computer has a Nvidia GeForce 600 graphics card or newer, or Intel graphics that support Quick Sync Video, then WinX can use its power to digitalise a DVD up to 32 times faster than recording in real-time without sacrificing video and audio quality. In a software developer’s own tests, a 2.5-hour DVD movie was ripped in under nine minutes at a rate of 385 frames per second. Movies typically play at 24 frames per second (fps).

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Why hardware acceleration is vital for DVD ripping

Yet backing up your favourite films, memories and content into digital can be a nerve-wracking experience, and this is where you need a premium DVD ripper leveraging hardware acceleration. Hardware acceleration is the process of a computer using additional hardware to carry out certain tasks more efficiently, than would otherwise be possible if the load of the task was left to a single component. Read on to see why you need a hardware accelerated DVD ripper.

DVD ripping has traditionally used the resources from a machine’s CPU to do most of the heavy work, but Digiarty has elected to also use hardware acceleration to enable the GPU to help with this work. Rather than the software doing the hard work, its level-3 hardware acceleration tech allows the hardware of your machine to assist in the decoding, preprocessing and encoding of the video, which makes it much faster and more efficient.

The GPU is much better suited to concurrent computing which just happens to be the process involved in video encoding, so the advantaged gained from using it is substantial when compared to just using the CPU.

How much of a difference does hardware acceleration make?

Speed up the process: While results may vary depending on what exact system you’re using, video rendering with both the CPU and GPU working to encode the file is up to six times faster than just using the CPU without hardware acceleration activated.

Preserve original quality: Hardware acceleration allows a general purpose computer to covert DVDs to digital files with their original video quality still intact, as the barrier for entry for the hardware acceleration is very low. The vast majority of GPUs will work with this technology, regardless of if you’re on a desktop or laptop.

Ease your CPU burden: Hardware acceleration will also benefit the other components of your computer, as you’re taking strain from the CPU by sharing the load of the encoding process with the GPU. When watching a film on a DVD, the DVD drive is operating for the full length of the movie, whereas ripping the content off the disc and storing it digitally will only require your drive to be active for five minutes, further preserving the life of your PC components.

Keep low CPU Temperature: Excessive temperature of CPU will make your desktop or laptop running very slow or even crash. GPU-accelerated DVD conversion will keep the CPU temperature at normal level (37-45 Degree Centigrade), so both your CPU and computer will last longer.

Digiarty have incorporated hardware acceleration into their DVD ripper (also DVD ripper for Mac) to make sure the quality of the output is the best that it can be. It makes the process faster, more efficient, and shares the load of the task out between the components on your computer to maximise their lifespan.

The company has been making powerful, easy to use software solutions for the masses since 2006. With just a one-off payment and no limits on how many DVDs you can rip, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum (for Windows and Mac) is the best way to preserve your DVD collection and make it available across all your devices, both now and in the future.

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