If there’s one commodity small businesses like yours are short of it’s time, so any tools that can help cut out the admin and allow you to focus on the important things, like revenue and profitability, are a godsend.

Take Nuance’s new business-grade voice recognition products for example. Dragon Pro Individual (for PC) and Dragon for Mac don’t simply provide the most advanced and accurate voice recognition technology available for Windows and OS X today, but offer features designed specifically to help you get more done in fewer hours. Each feature has the potential to save hours of effort, so you can spend less time on the paperwork, and more on the stuff that counts.

Save Time over Typing

It’s likely your day-to-day tasks result in a mountain of paperwork, from client correspondence to reports, notes, documentations and proposals. When you’re a lean, hard-working company, you often need to handle this yourself, but few of us are high-speed typists. Why not dictate instead? Dragon Pro Individual (for PC) and Dragon for Mac can work as fast as you can speak, and you won’t waste time editing text, either, with both products delivering up to 99% accuracy. The end result? Speech recognition can help you work at speeds three times faster than the majority of people type. That’s not just good for word processing; it will also help you tackle that email backlog.

Take the Labour out of Paperwork

Speech recognition software is great for handling the simple, repetitive tasks that place demands on our time every hour or every day.  For a start, both Dragon Pro Individual (for PC) and Dragon for Mac allow you to create custom voice commands, so that you can enter large blocks of standard boilerplate text with just a few words. Signatures, contact details, personal or company profiles or blocks of legal text become a no-brainer. If you’re tired of spelling out acronyms, get the software to handle them for you. What’s more, you can create more complex, scripted commands, capable of opening and controlling multiple applications. Adding a new entry to the company CRM or sending an email to all your contacts at a client? Speech recognition software gets it done.   

Work wherever and whenever

Some of our best ideas arrive when we haven’t got a laptop to hand – or even the space to get one out. Luckily, Dragon Pro Individual (for PC) and Dragon for Mac can be integrated with the separate, cloud-based Dragon Anywhere apps for iOS and Android, so that you can dictate and edit documents wherever the business takes you. The apps then sync across the cloud with the PC and Mac products, ready for polishing later. The apps will even sync preferences and custom words and commands with the desktop versions, so that as one learns more about you and your business, the other catches up. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you can keep things moving.  

Software that learns your business

All industries are different and all companies within them too. The voice recognition software that’s built into Windows and Office is fine for basic, domestic use, but it won’t adapt to work better for your specific needs. Dragon Pro Individual (for PC) and Dragon for Mac will. As you use the software, you can train it to understand the industry terms and acronyms you use every day, and become even more efficient at recognizing how these work in context. The more you use it, the more the software adjusts to your personal preferences and your speaking and writing style. It becomes like working with someone who knows your business, inside out. Whether you work in IT, accountancy, engineering or marketing, this can and will save you time and effort.

Trouble-free transcription

In many businesses transcription is a key part of the workflow. Whether you’re a company with office admins taking meeting notes, a consultant being briefed by clients or a firm with an endless stream of correspondence, transcription is part of the process. Speech recognition takes a whole stage out of it, freeing staff to get on with other things. Dragon Pro Individual (for PC) and Dragon for Mac turn audio from specific apps and voice recorders into accurate, editable, transcripts with minimal intervention. You can even transcribe another speaker’s voice. Don’t worry about training the software: all it needs to create a profile is a 90-second clip. Even busy consultants can handle their own correspondence without needing to tie an office admin up for hours.

Build your Business

The impact of all this? You can spend less time typing, and more time on the things that matter. Ideas get transformed into editable documents with ease. If you’ve been struggling to find the time to spend writing emails and letters, you can now respond faster to communications and build real, one-on-one relationships with clients. You can whittle down backlogs of emails and communications while freeing admin staff to get on with essential tasks. Put all these things together, and speech recognition really does have the power to help your business grow.

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This article is brought to you in association with Nuance.