Yes to all crucial formats

No matter what video editing task you have - a birthday greeting card or a bulky business presentation -problems may arise starting from the very first steps of importing your original files. One of the most popular Windows-based movie making app will refuse to process an MP4 video from your HD camera, and even some premium range programs might restrict your use of H264 codec.

Meanwhile, VSDC Free Video Editor supports all the famous video and audio formats, allowing you to include files from your smartphones, tablets, HD and action cameras in your movie project. APNG and GIF formats will allow for working with semi-transparent animation and iPhone Live Photos will give more editing opportunities to devoted Apple fans.

H265/HEVC codecs will easily edit GoPro materials making them high quality pro videos assuring superior UHD viewing experience due to 2K and 4K support. 

From basic to pro editing

If you need only basic editing such as cutting, splitting video, applying effects, transitions and adding music and don’t want to spend either money or time – VSDC will do it absolutely free providing with all the necessary regularly updated how-tos. Along with that, the video editor can facilitate research and office work as users can create charts, including 3D diagrams, to use them in their vivid video presentations and slideshows.

The latest 5.0 release also aims at major video geeks – they can benefit from adjustable parameters settings for pro editing creating curved motion paths for video objects or animation and taking advantage of advanced multi-color Chroma Key. Subpixel resolution settings will enable to process image and video transformation to get more precise results.

HARDware acceleration to be faster than light

The time has come - your creative process is over and you’re ready to export your result and share it with the world. It seems that all the problems are left behind, but suddenly it appears that converting your UHD video with high resolution settings is expected to take a few hours and with a risk of periodic crashes it means almost eternity. VSDC knows how to cure it - with its hardware-accelerated Pro version the conversion of a long HD video will be reduced to a few minutes.

What’s the catch?

Almost all video editing apps that claim to be free have two main catches if you start looking closer – either you’re offered all the unlimited feature-set but with a watermark on your video or the import/export formats are largely restricted. VSDC doesn’t trick you like this - the suite comprises all the video and audio editing functionality as well as video and screen capturing tools in its free version without any limitations.