Microsoft announced a major update to Windows back in June, and now the new version is available to download. Windows 11 brings with it a fresh aesthetic, with sleek rounded corners and a centrally placed taskbar icons (including the Start Menu). There's also a greater emphasis on security, productivity, and multitasking.

The free update won't be delivered to most laptops and PCs until 2022, but there's an easy way for all eligible devices to download Windows 11 now.

Here's everything you need to know about Windows 11.

If you're wondering whether the latest Windows OS come with Microsoft Office, the answer is no – but you might be able to try the new version before release.

Does Windows 11 come with Microsoft Office?

While Windows 11 is free to install on eligible PCs (see the minimum requirements), customers need to separately buy a subscription to the Microsoft 365 Family or Personal for access (on desktop or via cloud) to popular apps such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

A Microsoft 365 Family subscription, which serves 2 to 6 users, costs £79.99/$99.99 per year or £7.99/$9.99 per month, while a Personal subscription which is for a single user, costs £59.99/$69.99 per year, or £5.99/$6.99 per month.

If you're unsure which version is right for you, see our dedicated guide.

Microsoft Office upgrade on Windows 11
Image: Microsoft

How to get the new Microsoft Office on Windows 11 

On 28 June, Microsoft announced that its Office suite will be getting a new streamlined design to complement the Windows 11 upgrade. The company is also introducing a native 64-bit version of Office for ARM-based devices, like its own Surface Pro X.

Microsoft promises the Office software will offer a "seamless and simple PC experience" across all its apps, which are based on the Fluent design language. 

Upgrades include a Dark Mode that matches the system theme, deeper integration with Teams via the taskbar and an expanded set of accessibility features. Safety and security are mentioned as a top priority, especially for apps which students and children are likely to use.

Microsoft 365 is also integrated into the new Start menu, with the 'Recommended' section drawing on recent files stored both locally and via OneDrive.

Windows 11 new Start menu
Image: Microsoft

While the upgraded Office has been designed with Windows 11 in mind, it will be available for Windows 10 users too. 

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