The latest social network to emerge is called Peach, but unlike the many others that have attempted to find their way into our lives, everyone seems to be talking about Peach. Read on to find out what is Peach, and also how to use Peach.

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What is Peach?

Peach was created by Dom Hofmann, and he's no stranger to creating popular social apps. Dom is the co-founder of Vine, the video app that was taken over by Twitter in 2012. But his new venture is a combination of a lot of things, with elements familiar to users of Facebook, Path, Slack, Snapchat and Tumblr all rolled into one to create an all-new social media app that could well become as big as the likes of Instagram and Snapchat.

You can think of Peach as a sort of social journaling tool that you'll be able to look back on in chronological order. It uses "magic words" to help you document your day and share what you're up to with friends.

How to use Peach: Peach Magic Words

GIF – Search for a GIF. You can type any word and scroll through the GIF options to find one that suits your mood or situation.

Here – This will tag you at your current location, whether that's the gym, the cinema, on holiday or elsewhere.

Shout – Using Shout will make the words you type really big.

Draw – If you're feeling artistic, type draw and you'll be given a blank canvas to create and share a masterpiece.

Goodmorning – Say good morning with the time, weather and temperature.

Goodnight – Say good night with the time and some sleepy emoticons.

Song – This can identify a song using your phone's microphone just like Shazam.

Rate – If you want to give something a star rating, type rate and choose 1-5 stars.

Battery – This will share your current charge

Weather – Pretty self-explanatory, but this will share the current weather in your location.

Move – This can add your day's steps, miles and more to share how active you've been if you give Peach access to your Health app data.

Events – If you give Peach access to your Calendar you can type Events to share how many events or meetings you have today.

Safari – This will open your browser to search for a link

Dice – Type this to roll the dice

Time – This will add the current time

Date – This will add the current date

Movie – You can tag a film that you've been watching

TV – This'll enable to tag a TV show you're watching

Game – Add a video game you're playing

Book – Add a book you're reading

Of course, you don't have to use magic words. You can also post comments, statuses and photos in just the same way as you can on Facebook, and you can send your friends cake, boop them on the nose, wave at them and more.

Like Facebook, Peach is limited in that you'll only see what your friends post and only your friends will see what you post. On Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, generally you'll be sharing with anyone who wants to listen unless you've set your account to private, whereas Peach keeps your business just between you and your friends.

How to use Peach: What Peach can't do

Peach is fun and has huge potential, but it has its limitations, too. You can't follow pages or brands like you can in Facebook and you can't privately message your friends. Worse still, you can't edit posts, you can only delete them completely.

The success of Peach really depends on whether it gets picked up by large groups of people. If your friends don't join it, eventually you're likely to give up and delete the app. One big spanner in the works is that it's currently only available for iOS, so if your friends are all on Android you're going to be a bit lonely on Peach for a while. There's no web version of Peach so everything is contained with the app.

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