In the past half an hour Down Detector has received thousands of reports of Slack outages and the problem is associated with both the desktop and mobile apps.

The company confirmed it was experiencing problems yesterday, stating that:

And Slack - in the UK at least - has been working this morning. However, as of around 2pm GMT, the service was unavailable, showing this error message on both the app and web versions:

Is Slack down?

For future Slack problems, here are a few ways to check whether Slack is down or if it's just you.

How to tell if Slack is down

  1. Check Down Detector for a Slack status report
  2. Check Twitter for posts on Slack and the official @SlackStatus account
  3. Check with other Slack users - face-to-face, over the phone or on email

On 22/2/22, Down Detector showed a huge spike of reports from users unable to send messages to colleagues.

Is Slack down?