Sadly the answer is no, however there are some very promising signs that the feature might be arriving at some point soon to the wildly popular social media app.

Instagram is trying everything it can to compete with its rivals, as it attempts to become a more rounded platform. The niche that started its popularity and drew people to the platform initially seems to be disappearing in favour of appealing to a wider audience - because let’s face it, no one really wants 6 different social media accounts when one that does everything would be ideal.

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The signs that point to calling in the future

When updates are issued to an App, sometimes assets and features are added in preparation for future updates further down the line.

It’s a bit like going to get your groceries once a week, rather than going to the shop getting every time you’re hungry – doing it all at once just saves time and requires less trips to the shop (or less updates).

Some files in the latest updates for the Instagram and Instagram Direct apps have been spotted that suggest the feature is coming soon. Images with titles such as “call.png”, “video_call.png” and “action_call.png” have been found in the application package. They wouldn’t be putting images in place if the feature wasn’t coming soon (we hope!).

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