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  • Is Twitter down?

    is twitter down

    If Twitter isn't working for you, here's how to tell whether it's just you it isn't working for if Twitter is down

    17 Apr 2018

  • Is Instagram safe for kids?

    is instagram safe for kids

    Instagram isn't for kids, and here's why

    12 Mar 2018

  • Can you make calls on Instagram?


    Calling on Instagram would make the platform much more rounded, but you can do it yet?

    06 Mar 2018

  • Is Facebook safe for kids?

    mobile lifestyle 59

    Facebook is a social networking site that isn’t designed for kids, but many still use it

    16 Feb 2018

  • Is Twitter safe for kids?

    is twitter safe for kids

    Here's what you need to know about Twitter and if it's safe for kids to use

    26 Jan 2018

  • Is Snapchat safe for kids?

    is snapchat safe for kids thumb

    Snapchat is one of the most popular apps for youngsters. Here’s what you need to know about the app

    15 Jan 2018

  • Best alternatives to FaceTime for Android

    best alternatives to facetime for android whatsapp

    Video-chat with friends using these great Android apps

    29 Nov 2017

  • What does ‘Me too’ mean?

    what me too mean

    The latest viral social media campaign may have you baffled, but there's a shockingly simple explanation

    17 Oct 2017

  • What is Facebook Watch?

    fb try

    Can 'Facebook Watch' truly challenge YouTube's supremacy?

    05 Sep 2017

  • WhatsApp vs Instagram vs Facebook Messenger vs Snapchat

    whatsapp v instagram v facebook messenger v snapchat main

    Which messaging app has the most to offer? We compare the four big hitters

    29 Aug 2017

  • What is fake news?

    what is fake news main

    We explain why fake news stories exist and how to try and spot them

    19 Jul 2017

  • What is Facebook Spaces?

    what is facebook spaces party

    Facebook is about to bring virtual reality to social media, and it looks very good.

    09 May 2017

  • Facebook Stories vs Snapchat

    facebook stories v snapchat main

    Facebook copies another Snapchat feature: Stories

    04 Apr 2017

  • What is the rocket icon in Facebook?

    facebook rocket icon 800

    Have you been wondering why there is a rocket icon in your Facebook app?

    04 Apr 2017

  • What is sexting?

    Mobile lifestyle 105

    A cheeky pastime or potential disaster? We look at the pros and cons of sexting.

    05 Dec 2016

  • Facebook Messenger app isn't evil & it's not about to spy on you

    Mobile lifestyle 94

    The truth behind reports that claim Facebook Messenger can spy on you, call your friends and take control of your mobile device

    10 Nov 2016

  • 15 best Facebook tips and tricks

    Best Facebook tips tricks

    Make your Facebook experience more enjoyable with our 15 best Facebook tips and tricks

    01 Jul 2016

  • Should you turn on Instagram notifications?

    instagram iphone6 1

    Instagram is flooded with people asking you to turn on notifications, but should you? We explore the Instagram changes coming soon

    29 Mar 2016

  • 7 social media apps that could be big in 2016

    socal networks 800

    We investigate 7 apps that could be the next Instagram, Snapchat or Vine

    21 Jan 2016

  • What is Peach & how to use it

    peach logo

    Everyone is talking about Peach, but why? Here, we bring you everything you need to know about Peach and show you how to use it.

    14 Jan 2016

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