Hosting firm Amenworld says web servers are needlessly wasting energy and contributing to excessive CO2 emissions.

The company's study of over 3,500 dedicated servers found that on average servers needlessly used 1000 kWh of energy, producing an excess of 632kg of CO2 per server per year.

"Like other industries, the hosting industry has a role in the global effort to reduce levels of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere," said Amenworld's UK country manager Olivier Djidjelli.

The hosting firm commissioned the research to make a case for its new range of Eco Servers, which it claims are more environmentally friendly than competitive products.

Components in the Eco Range, which include up to 3GB of RAM and run low-power AMD dual-core processors, are optimally located to boost cooling airflow through the servers, thus reducing the system's temperature and the amount of power consumed, according to Amenworld.