Google Go, otherwise known as Golang because of its domain name, is an open-source programming language that was announced back in 2009.

Some reported benefits of Go over languages like Python, Java or C# are that applications written in Go don’t require a language runtime or virtual machine to run. It's designed to use multiple cores, work in distributed environments, and be user-friendly and therefore easier to write programs with.

Therefore Go allows for the building of performant applications with fewer development resources.

Here are the best online courses to get started with Go. You can also learn to code with the best classroom-based UK coding courses.


The Complete Developer’s Guide to Golang

This course is a comprehensive guide to the fundamentals and advanced features of Go. Students will be equipped with deep knowledge from how to apply interfaces to simplify complex programmes, to understanding different data structures.

- 9 hours on demand video
- Multiple quizzes, assignments and projects
- 4 articles
- Certificate of completion

Requirements: Students should have proficiency in other programming language such as Java, Ruby or Python.

Price: £9.99/ $13.14

Learn How to Code Google’s Golang

Created by Todd McLeod, this syllabus covers the development environment, computer and language fundamentals, data structures and functions.

- 21 hours on-demand video
- 4 articles
- Certificate of completion

Requirements: No previous experience or coding knowledge is necessary to take this course.

Price: £9.99/ $13.14


EXLskills is a free, open learning programme that you can access through Github, as a range of learning materials offered there. 

You can access the Getting Started with Go course here. There are no specified requirements, but a grounding in coding knowledge would go a long way. 

Price: Free  

Length of course: 45 minutes 


Programming with Google Go Specialization is a course offered by Coursera. It's a one-month course that offers flexible learning options at the intermediate level of understanding. 

The course aims to provide an understanding of Go's features and the skills needed to create high quality applications using Go.

Requirements: Within the programme there are three courses, Getting started with Go; Functions, Methods and Interfaces; and Concurrency in Go that increase in difficulty level. 

Price when reviewed: Free

Course length: One month


Creating Web Applications with Go

'This course is targeted at software developers that are looking at using the Go language to create web applications.'

Course length: 4.5 hours of videos

10-day free trial.

Gin: A Website Application Framework for Go

'This course will introduce you to Gin and show you how to get started with it to build your own web applications.'

Course length: 2.5 hours of videos

Go Fundamentals

'Starting from the ground up and assuming no prior knowledge, this course will leave you feeling comfortable writing small Go programs, and familiar with all the major features of the language.'

Course length: 3.5 hours of video.

Price when reviewed: Sign up for the free trial to access full prices. 

LinkedIn Learning

Learning Go for Web Development

Lynda was bought by LinkedIn Learning but this course still appears under the Lynda brand. Led by Larry Price, this offering teaches participants to create a route in Go, build templates, build database connections and integrate HTTP routers like gorilla or mux.

Includes: Multiple videos on each of the 6 modules, lasting 2 hours 9 minutes.

Requirements: No prior programming experience is required but Go needs to be installed before commencing the course and taking a tour of Go syntax at is recommended.

Price when reviewed: You have to sign up for a subscription to LinkedIn Learning to access the course, which is priced at £24.98/ $32.86 on a monthly basis, and £14.99/ $19.72 a month on an annual basis. Both plans include one free month trial.  

Learning Go

This guide is designed as a starting point for developers that introduces the tools, skills and environments of working in Go.

Includes: Multiple videos on each of the 7 modules, lasting 3 hours 48 minutes.

Requirements: This is a beginner's course that requires no previous programming experience.

Price when reviewed: See above 


Go Fundamentals for Building Web Servers

Includes: This course contains 16 lessons and is 2.2 hours long. Taught by Derek Jensen, it’s divided into 4 sections and brings participants through the basics of the language and how to build simple web applications.

Price when reviewed: Courses on Envatotuts+ are not individually priced but for a $16.50 subscription, users can access more than 1100 courses and 240 eBooks.


Go Language Overview

Covering Go syntax, types, error handling, interfaces and Go routines, this course is a comprehensive overview of the features of Go.

Includes: 41 short videos totalling 172 minutes

Requirements: This is an intermediate syllabus for developers who are already familiar with another language.

Price when reviewed: To unlock the 1000s of courses, expert advice and supportive community on Treehouse, you’ll need to subscribe. Monthly packages start at around £20 with free trials also available and course content varies from development to design.

Master Go

Master Go is aimed at developers looking to learn Go quickly so coding skills are required. The course is divided into 5 sections and explores everything from the fundamentals to advanced topics like concurrency.

Includes: HD video lectures, transcripts, source code for download, quizzes and instructor feedback via the comments section.

Price when reviewed: $178.80/ £136.40 plus VAT.

Stone River eLearning

The Stone River eLearning Google Go programming course for beginners provides hands-on training for the language.

Google Go Programming for Beginners (Golang) is a self-paced course aimed at students with some experience of programming. There are 41 lectures making up 4 hours of video with each lesson becoming more advanced as you continue. There are 4 main sections to the syllabus with a quiz rounding off each one.

Includes: Completion certificates and lifetime mobile access.

Price when reviewed: $118.80/ £90.66