If you run a small business, you’ll already be acutely aware of keeping costs under control so you can pay salaries at the end of the month and still make a profit.

And these days, everything from marketing to sales really needs to be online if you’re going to reach a large audience. Time is also precious, so using outdated, slow software and hardware can actually cost you money, which is why it’s important to ensure you have the right kit for the job in hand.

For many, that means investing in new desktop PCs, and whether you are investing in one, or several machines – ensuring you have the best solution to meet the needs of your team is vital, otherwise you may find yourself needing to replace them sooner than you would expect.  .

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that because Dell has a Small Business Advisor service which offers free advice to all small businesses to help them find the right solutions to suit their company’s needs.

You can call them - or use live chat if you prefer – to talk to an expert who understands your business’s needs and can advise you on how to choose the most appropriate PCs. This way you won’t waste money on features you don’t need, while at the same time ensuring they will run the apps which are critical to your day-to-day running.

Of course, it isn’t simply about picking the right processor or amount of RAM. Dell’s advisors can also explain what you need in order to secure your company’s data and ensure you’re meeting the latest legislation when, for example, handling and storing customer data. And in these days of GDPR, that has never been more important.

Do I really need new PCs?

It’s no secret that PCs slow down over time, but while it’s possible to fix some of the problems, you’ll never overcome limitations of old hardware such as hard drives. These days they have mostly been replaced by SSDs that make a huge different to how quickly Windows starts and how responsive the PC is in general.

Security is key, too, and it’s not a good idea to run older, unsupported versions of Windows. Having Windows 10 and good security software to protect against online threats such as ransomware is absolutely essential. If you need it, there are also options to encrypt all your data transparently: no interruptions and no compromises on performance.

Put simply, a fast, modern PC will make you and your employees more productive, and that means a more attractive looking bottom line.

Why choose Dell?

In addition to the Small Business Advisor service, Dell has decades of experience in making PCs and it knows what small businesses need.

Dell has always sold direct and only builds to order, meaning you really do get a personalised solution.

With a range of great financial service options on offer and free advice available via the Dell Small Business Advisor service, now is the ideal time to explore new PC solutions. Find out more here.

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