When faced with a wide range of laptop options, it can be overwhelming and difficult to know which is the best solution to suit your specific requirements.  With multiple sizes and specifications available, how do you begin to know which is the right product to invest in?   Our helpful guide is designed to help you through the process and will take you through Dell’s range of business laptops, explaining what they each bring to the table.

There are many things to consider when buying the right laptop, especially for a specific business use. Price is often a big consideration, but you should also look at durability and whether the laptop you are looking at has the right components for the job.

Thanks to Dell’s comprehensive range, there’s a laptop for every situation. Whether you need a fleet of affordable machines or the most powerful workstation you can get your hands on.

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Things to consider

We’re going to guide you through what to look for and what Dell has on offer, but you can make use of the Dell Small Business Advisor service to get further assistance. Dell has over 30 years of experience helping businesses find the right solutions so can provide you with the advice you need.

It’s one-on-one and your expert technology advisor will provide a tailored consultation for your exact requirements. Best of all, the Dell Small Business Advisor service is completely free, either on the phone or online chat. Find out more here.

Another critical consideration is ensuring you have enough storage, you need to make sure the laptop is powerful enough for the job. For basic day-to-day tasks like email and word processing, a Core i3 processor will be fine, but if you are looking at more demanding workloads you will need to consider a machine with the latest i9 or 10th-gen processor.. You can read about the different generations of Intel processors here.

If you’re going to be storing sensitive data, then good security features like OS Recovery and biometric log in are essential. Another important check which is easy to forget, is to check whether the ports you need are available, especially if you’ll need to plug in legacy accessories or new ones that use modern USB-C.

Vostro: Best for small business

Dell has a multiple range of laptops suitable for every kind of business but the Vostro series is built with small businesses in mind. They’re excellent value for money with prices starting at under £500, while providing the key things for getting work done.

These dependable laptops are designed to drive productivity and come in a range of screen sizes from 13- to 15in and all come with anti-glare, providing easy viewing. You’ll get reliable performance and a wide range of ports including Ethernet and HDMI so you don’t need to remember a dongle to connect devices like a projector.

There are three series of Vostro laptops, the 3000 series-, the 5000-series and the 7000 series.  Each series includes a variety of options and features which can be configured to suit your individual needs, so there’s bound to be something that’s right for you..

There’s also the optional hardware TPM 2.0 (trusted platform module) to help keep things secure.

Many of the laptops in the range come with Dell Mobile Connect so if you also use your phone for work then this software allows the two to communicate so you can easily transfer files, get notifications or make calls - all wirelessly.

View the Vostro range here.

Latitude: Upgrade to business-class

Next there is the Latitude range, a family of laptops also designed with businesses in mind. The Latitude range start at reasonable prices but have a broader range of choices, including Chromebooks and the rugged series for use in harsh environments. 

There are five different screen sizes to choose, ranging from 11to 15in and some models have convertible 2-in-1 designs. Here the screen flips 360 degrees giving you a versatile set of modes, great for field workers finding themselves without a desk.

Integration with Dell Client Command Suite and VMware Workspace ONE means they’re easy to manage, too.

View the Latitude range here.

Precision: Pro for creatives

Moving up, the Precision series is Dell’s top-of-the-range business laptops, created for those who create. They’re powerful machines suited to businesses using advanced software such as CAD (computer aided design).

To make this possible, Precision laptops are fully equipped with the latest high-end Intel processor and Nvidia graphics cards. Some have InfinityEdge 4K displays and you can get up to 17in making it easier to fit lots on the screen.

View the Precision range here.

XPS: The best of the best

If you simply want the best of all worlds, then look to the premium XPS range. Here Dell combines stunning design with unique materials, high-end features and specs – giving you laptops which are thin, light and powerful.  Available in either 13in or 15in sizes with the option for convertible designs, too, the XPS laptop range are beautiful mobile powerhouses that enable you to work and play anywhere. 

We hope that this guide has helped identify what to consider when looking at a Dell laptop for your business, but if you are still looking for further guidance or wish to discuss your requirements in more details, do contact the Dell Small Advisor team who will be happy to help you find the right solution for your needs. 

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