So you've started a business and now in search of somewhere to host your services and promote them to the public. Building a website isn't always easy if you have no web design experience, but it can definitely save you a lot of money to get it done yourself.

Luckily, there are several website builders online that you can use to make the process a lot simpler. 

If you're looking for a simple interface with little or no coding required that presents your products or services in an attractive way, you can find for a website builder that does the basics.

Below is a selection of some of the best website builders currently available, best suited to small businesses and startup founders.

You can also see here for some of the best web hosting services available. Also, find out more about the tech that can boost your small businesses.

We will keep adding to this list, so if you want to recommend a product, please get in touch.

Additional reporting by Hannah Williams.


GoDaddy is a simple website builder that offers a variety of templates to choose from.

It provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface for beginners, making all features easy to navigate. It also includes artificial design intelligence (ADI), which is built to automatically generate the site after the user answers a few questions.

As part of its ecommerce features, GoDaddy enables users to add up to 5,000 products to their inventory with built-in shipping methods.

Price: The basic account starts from £6.99 a month. The standard is £9.99 a month, premium £14.99 a month, and ecommerce is priced at £19.99 a month. All price plans include a one-month free trial.

Each plan includes the basic features such as SEO and SSL (website security). However, for social media and marketing features, the basic plan only offers five social posts a month whilst the premium and ecommerce plans include unlimited monthly posts.


Strikingly offers a slightly different website builder, best-suited to bloggers and users that require a one-page site.

It is quick and easy to use, enabling you to build a website in 30 minutes. Features include a regular view of site audience, the option to send newsletters, marketing campaigns, and analytics overview.

Price: Strikingly is free for domain users with 5GB monthly bandwidth. Pricing starts at $8 (£6.29) a month for the limited plan, which provides 50GB monthly bandwidth and two sites. For advanced features and unlimited bandwidth, it offers a pro plan for $16 (£12.57) a month.


iPage is a web hosting platform that also provides a website builder. It offers over 100 mobile-friendly templates with up to six pages per site.

It is a user-friendly builder which is ideal for beginners, thanks to features such as drag-and-drop functionality, built-in PayPal integration, SEO and social media tools and analytics.

iPage also provides unlimited MySQL databases and domain names, along with scalable bandwidth.

Price: All features in the starter plan are free with hosting, whilst the business plan starts at $6.99 (£5.49) a month.


Wix offers a lot of choice, with over 500 customisable templates to select from.

It’s intuitive to use thanks to the drag and drop editor and editing sidebar. With hardly any effort, you can have your website up and running in 10 minutes.

You can also incorporate online payments and calendars for any event organisation needs. However, you’ll need to opt for a more expensive package, costing around £11 per month if you want to set up an online store.

The Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) function can design websites tailored to your needs based on only a few simple questions.

More than 100 million people are already using it, so if you tend to follow the crowd, Wix may just be right for you.

Price: The most popular plan comes in at almost £8.50 a month but you'll be able to use the website domain you like or link your old domain to it. You'll also get unlimited bandwidth, 10GB of storage and no ads.

There is a free package available but you won't be able to choose your own website name. It will be taken from your email address instead. Even if you buy your own domain name, you'll need to sign up for at least its cheapest plan to be able to connect it to your new Wix website.

If you are looking to start an online shop or are a small business, its 'ecommerce' plan will be the best for you, coming in at £11 a month. You'll receive a year's free domain, an online store, no ads and 20Gb of storage. This sits on top of unlimited bandwidth and lots of beneficial business focused add-ons. 

Air Websites

Developed by Ascensor - a digital agency based in Leeds - Air Websites is a website builder aimed at small businesses and startups.

You can choose from one of its 18 set designs, or have a bespoke website made for you by the in-house specialists.

If you select a predesigned site you'll benefit from a quick turnaround, plus an intuitive design.

Price: The idea is to make professional websites made affordable. And while Air Website's pricing is higher than others listed, cheaper options are often subsidised by on-site adverts or the website builder's branding in headers and footers.

There are three pricing plans available, and the one you choose will depend on the size of your businesses and the rate at which it's growing.

The main difference between packages is the number of pages and website details such as page sliders and other aesthetics.

For example, all packages come with full website design, are mobile responsive and come with a WordPress content management system (CMS), however, the more expensive plans ('Up and Running', and 'Growing') include more standard pages, the ability to add subpages and a homepage slider.

All packages also include integration with Google Analytics, Google+ Publisher, Wordfence Security and a WordPress SEO plugin.

Air Websites does differ from other services listed as it is wholly targeted at businesses and as such takes a slightly less 'out-of-the-box approach.

Instead, businesses can opt to take advantage of Air Website's in-house SEO experts and website marketers.


A little different from the others, Wordpress isn’t a traditional website builder as such. It’s actually an open-source Content Management System (CMS) that can require a bit more technical skills than a drag and drop format of the other sites mentioned.

Although, WordPress now has the option to use simple editors if you don't mind an out-of-the-box website. 

You can directly create the website using HTML if you want to or stick to its editing tools. If you’re willing to put a bit more effort in, Wordpress can provide a greater level of control over the various elements of your site and produce one of the most polished end products.

It’s particularly good for setting up blogs, although, it has a wide range of plugins which means making an online shop and other business sites pretty easy. 

With over 60 million current users, there are plenty of resources to help you too.

Price: A premium account - most suited to freelancers and entrepreneurs - is around £7 a month and you'll receive unlimited themes, the ability to spruce up your site with video and audio, and monetise the site by placing ads.

The business package, which is best for small businesses, comes in at £20 per month and comes with unlimited, well everything, and Google analytics integration, SEO tools  and the ability to remove WordPress branding. 


On Sitebuilder, you can claim a free domain name and business email.

You can pick from over 1200 template options, which are easily customisable with a drag and drop editor.

It also offers the capability of setting up a blog, something that is rarer on other website builders.

Price: For a standard package, it costs around $4 (£3.14) per month. If you are setting up an online shop though, you must select an ecommerce account, which is roughly $7.20 (£5.66) per month.


The biggest selling point for Weebly is its templates. They are modern and look impressive. Another is ease of use - Weebly is frequently billed as one of most intuitive web builders.

Weebly also comes with analytics, where you can track readers or customers and gain valuable information on them. This feature isn't Weebly specific - others listed also offer analytics - but Weebly's services is one of the best.

The list of features in the pro and business packages is pretty impressive. Both come with a drag and drop editor, no adverts, an unlimited online shop, HD video and audio, membership registration, an inventory management tool, tax and shipping calculator and SEO capabilities. 

Price: Most of the features you'll want will be found in the 'Pro' £9 per month package. If you choose to upgrade to the business account (£18 per month) you'll be given plenty of templates, lots of easy editing controls and the ability to host your own video content.


Squarespace houses some of the most beautiful website templates out of the lot, although there are fewer to pick from. The site boasted over 40 templates at last count. The web pages require lots of photographs to look ‘right’ so are most suited to creatives - ideal for anyone in the fashion, photography or creative professional services.

Like others listed, it uses a drag and drop editor, but is a little harder to customise than the likes of Wix. In addition, Squarespace provides a very responsive mobile experience and 24-hour email support.

Squarespace can make a website that looks like a lot of time and money has been spent on it.

Price: Squarespace is at the more expensive end of the scale when it comes to website builders, costing £10 per month for the basic package or £15 for businesses for just a website and £20-30 for an online store. You can take advantage of their free trial before you take the plunge though.

1&1 MyWebsite

You'll most likely have heard of 1&1 and its web hosting services. What you might not know if that 1&1 offers a great website builder called 1&1 MyWebsite.

It can be easily compared with WordPress and at a push Wix, although its pricing structure is little light on features if you're looking for a cheap website builder. 

For businesses, however, you'll receive lots of useful features including business apps that can perform many functions such as booking appointments or customers reviews, a business email address and an unlimited number of pages. 

Price: Three pricing plans are available with only two being suitable for businesses: the Basic and the Pro. Basic comes in at around £9 per month and the e-commerce plan costs just under £25 per month. It also offers 6-month free trial.

Realistically, both are exactly the same, with the Pro plan including online marketing tools able to SEO analysis, email marketing and assistance with creating engaging website copy. So, if you don't require the marketing tools, you might as well just opt for the Basic plan.