Business broadband isn't that different from consumer broadband. But if you run a small business, perhaps from home, then you might want to consider switching to a dedicated business broadband package.

You might have to pay slightly more for the equivalent speeds of consumer broadband, but in return you'll tend to get better customer support, quicker repairs (sometimes with guaranteed maximum times) and guaranteed minimum uptime. That simply means it's more reliable, so you're much less likely to face a situation where you can't run your business because your broadband is on the blink.

Some packages come with 4G backup, or offer it as a bolt-on option. The way this usually works is that your internet connection will automatically switch to 4G if your main broadband goes down, ensuring you always have a working connection.

We've rounded up the best business broadband deals

Best business broadband deals 

1. Vodafone Broadband Pro

From: Vodafone

Now: £25 (exc VAT) per month

Although this isn't the cheapest package Vodafone offers, it's the best-value deal for most small businesses.

That's because Broadband Pro - which has up to 76Mbps download speeds - comes with 4G backup included in the price, and what Vodafone calls "wall-to-wall WiFi coverage". That means up to three Wi-Fi extenders are provided at no extra cost to ensure a fast connection wherever you need it.

The package also benefits from dedicated UK-based tech support which actively monitors for problems and can help fix any issues.

2. Plusnet Unlimited Business Fibre Broadband

From: Plusnet

Now: £22 (exc VAT) per month

Plusnet's Unlimited business fibre broadband offers speeds of up to 76Mbps, versus 17Mbps for the only-slightly-cheaper non-fibre package.

The cost includes landline rental and the only extra is £4.95 for postage of the Hub Two router. You get dedicated UK-based 24/7 tech support, but there's no 4G backup with this deal.

3. Virgin Media Voom Fibre 1

From: Virgin Media

Now: £32 (exc VAT) per month

Offering fast speeds, Virgin Media's Voom Fibre 1 package is ideal if you're looking for something that's faster than the 76Mbps offered by most other providers (which have to use BT's fibre network). You'll get up to 350Mbps download speeds and up to 20Mbps upload.

One restriction, which won't affect many small businesses, is that there's no option for a dedicated IP address with this package.

Virgin promises a resolution to any problems within 48 working hours of first recording the issue. 

For an extra £7 per month you can add 'constant connect' - a 4G backup in case the main broadband fails for any reason.

4. TalkTalk Simply SuperFast Fibre

From: TalkTalk

Now: £23.95 (exc VAT) per month

TalkTalk's best-value deal offers up to 76Mbps download speeds just like BT. There are no setup or postage costs (for the kit) and the deal price lasts the full two years, not just the first one. The price also includes line rental with pay-as-you-go calls for 24 months.

5. BT Essential

From: BT

Now: £26.95 (exc VAT) per month

BT's Essential business package is great value - if you can get it. It's available only to those already hooked up with a full fibre connection.

If that's you, then this is a great price for download speeds of up to 900Mbps, and upload speeds of 104Mbps. It's a 24-month contract, with a minimum speed guarantee (this will vary depending upon your postcode).

A digital phone line is included, and you can take and make phone calls on the go: you don't have to be at home (or wherever your run your business) to use it. 

Note that Essential doesn't include 4G backup or expert tech support, but if you're prepared to pay an extra £10 per month, Halo for business includes those features, plus a free static IP address.

Which broadband is best for 2022?

According to Ofcom, these are the best broadband providers of last year based on customer satisfaction and least complaints:

  • Broadband provider of the year: EE
  • Best provider for customer service: BT
  • Best broadband provider for small businesses: Vodafone
  • Fastest broadband provider: Virgin Media

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