Getting a new PC, laptop or smartphone is always something to look forward to. Upgrading from your old machine to a new one allows a fresh start and a better user experience from a faster processor, more memory or a better graphics unit – and above all lets you plan out how to set up your machine to your liking from a fresh slate.

Before you get too caught up, it’s important to remember to think about your old device. You’ll need to make sure you wipe all the data from it by formatting the hard drive – but unfortunately that doesn’t always wipe all data, including personal information, as this can still be recovered with good data recovery software such as Stellar Data Recovery Windows.

To make sure all your data has been completely removed from your former device, you’ll need some powerful and easy-to-use software that makes sure nothing is left buried in the corners of your old machine – and this is where BitRaser comes in.

BitRaser is a powerful software tool that will quickly, safely and securely wipe all data permanently from a selected hard drive, beyond recovery. The software is extremely easy to use and even easier to deploy as it runs from a USB stick – so you’ll just have to plug the USB stick into the machine, select the drive you’d like to wipe and let it do its thing.

The software works for all manner of devices from Windows PCs, Laptops and Macs through to Android and iOS smartphones. Bitraser will erase data on your device to make it completely irrecoverable by any data recovery program for your ultimate peace of mind.

This software comes from a professional background. Bitraser is highly scalable and is designed for corporate use, as it can erase up to 32 hard drives at once or up to 65,000 drives for large ITAD while providing a full audit report after it has completed its task. It meets 27 international data erasing standards, including DoD and NIST, and puts this power in an easy to use format. Software designed for large corporations handling sensitive data, made easy and simple enough to use for anyone to get to grips with.

BitRaser’s website offers detailed ‘How To’ guides on how best to deploy the software across a range of different scenarios which you can take a look at here.

Free technical support is offered 24 hours per day, 5 days per week and free managed deployment make BitRaser as simple as possible to deploy into a business environment. BitRaser for file variant allows you to schedule erasure processes and will maintain a detailed log of all the files that have been deleted from the selected storage device. Crucially, the software will also provide a certificate of erasure that the customisable reports remain tamper-proof and helps the client comply with statutory and regulatory compliance needs for both security and privacy, particularly in the wake of GDPR.

BitRaser offers a whole host of products on their website to suit the needs of their customers. Bitraser for files, for example, offers the same high quality service but allows you to target specific files and folders and remove them completely, making them irrecoverable. BitRaser is an innovation of Stellar Data Recovery Inc. Its products are used by 2 million+ customers around the world in 190 countries and have continued a reputation of excellence since 1993.