If you are looking for the best PDF editor software, the following article will prove very useful to you. We’ve tried all kinds of PDF editor software, assessed their accessibility, functionalities, operation system compatibility and price and finally selected the top five.

The following is a detailed account of each of the top 5 most popular PDF editing software in 2019, allowing you to make an informed choice when trying to find a program that works for you.

1. PDFelement -  Zero learning curve and affordable PDF editor on Windows and Mac

If you are looking for a PDF editor that aims to make the “PDF experience simplified” the right tool for you is PDFelement 7. 

 Its major goal is to make creating, editing, conversion of PDF documents to other formats very easy. To do this, PDFelement has features that are designed to make all of these PDF functions easy. You can therefore expect that PDFelement will be very easy to use, allowing you to easily create a PDF document from scratch, easily edit an existing PDF document and convert any PDF documents from one format to another.

To understand why PDFelement is the right tool for a seamless simplified PDF experience, let’s take a look at some of its outstanding features:

Brand New UI- PDFelement has recently received a UI redesign that was aimed at making the program even easier to use. The new UI has similarities with Microsoft Office in a deliberate attempt to make it easier for users to find all the tools they need to create or edit PDFs even if it is their first time using the program. Each of the program’s useful and essential tools is easily accessible, making it one of the most user-friendly tools in the business. The Brand new UI also makes it one of the smartest PDF editors in the business, meaning that you can edit PDF files including text, images, links pages, headers and footers more easily than before.

Super-Fast PDF Editing- a combination of the program’s easy to use UI and its inherent intelligent design make for one of the fastest, most convenient and smooth PDF editing experiences ever. The new look PDFelement also gives users better PDF experiences allowing you to keep the original font and formatting, edit PDFs faster than before and make use of some of the most powerful PDF editing tools to edit text,  images, objects and even pages. Is UI is also very simple to use, allowing the average user to find the tools they need faster, facilitating faster PDF editing.

Advanced OCR function – PDFelement’s OCR Function can be used to transform scanned or image-based PDF into selectable, searchable and editable text. The feature is powerful enough to detect a scanned PDF as soon as you open it and supports a lot of languages to make the process much more accessible, functional and easier.

Powerful Batch Processes – PDFelement allows you to perform batch processes with conversion, data extraction, bates numbering, optimization, watermarking, OCR and encryption. Batch processes make your life a lot easier by saving you time and effort when dealing with large numbers of articles. Given that it can be very hard to find another PDF editor that can easily handle multiple documents at once, PDFelement offers an invaluable way to manage a large volume of documents in limited time.

Convert- with PDFelement, you can convert PDF to many other popular document formats including Excel, PowerPoint, Text,  Microsoft Word, Images, EPUB, HTML, TRF, HWP, HWPX and more. The document is converted with no impact on the content including the font, formatting and any images on the document.

PDF Forms- You can also create fillable forms, easily organize form fields, fill tax forms and open and edit XFA forms among other types of forms.

Encrypt PDF- PDFelement also gives you the tools to protect your PDF with a password, permissions, redaction, electronic signature and digital signature. In this way, PDFelement can be the go-to program when you are handlings documents of a sensitive nature.


  • Easily accessible features make PDFelement easy to use even for the beginner
  • It has robust features that make it easy for you to manipulate and manage any PDF document easily
  • Provides high-quality conversions
  • It is fast both in terms of conversion and PDF creation and editing
  • It connects directly to the cloud to open PDF from cloud storage directly
  • It is cost effective as compared to other similar software
  • It’s advanced OCR function that makes it easy to edit scanned PDFs.
  • It supports touch functionality to make it accessible across all devices
  • Batch processing make it easier to manage more than one PDF document at the same time


  • The trial version adds a watermark to output files

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2. Adobe Acrobat - Best Professional but the most expensive way to edit PDF

It is probably one of the most recognizable PDF editors in the business, mostly because it was the original PDF editor. It has been used to create and edit PDFs for a very long time. Some its outstanding features include the following:

Edit PDF Smoothly- Adobe Acrobat allows you to easily edit any PDF document in a simple and straightforward manner. You can edit text, images, objects and even pages using this program.

Connect to your PDFs from anywhere- It seamlessly connects with the cloud to allow you to access and edit your PDF documents on any device.


  • Adobe Acrobat is a fully featured program that allows you to create a PDF from scratch or edit any PDF document.
  • It is also stable and functional product that you can rely on


  • Adobe Acrobat can be difficult to use especially for the beginner.
  • It can also be quite expensive as compared to other similar programs
  • Technical support is slow to respond to problems you may encounter with the program

 3. Nitro Pro - Ideal for enterprise users only on Windows

Nitro Pro is another fully features PDF editor that can help you create a PDF document or edit an existing one. Recently improved, the program incorporates superior features with an easy to use interface to make it one of the most reliable PDF editors in the business.  Some of its features include the following;

eSignature- Nitro Pro provides you with superior PDF encryption capabilities with the eSignature feature being one of the most reliable.

Conversion- It can convert PDFs to a lot of other document formats including Word, Excel, HTML and many more.


  • Nitro Pro is a fully featured program that makes it easy to manage one or multiple PDF documents
  • It is easy to use with a clean and easily accessible user interface


  • It is rather expensive as compared to other similar products
  • Only available for Windows

 4. Foxit Phantom PDF – Powerful PDF editor in business version with high price

Foxit Phantom PDF is another very popular and highly functional PDF editor. It is a lot more modern in design than some of the others we have seen on this list and also has a high level of functionality. It is easy to use despite the fact that it comes with a lot of support documentation and how-to videos aimed at showing you how to use the program.

Some of its features include the following

Cloud Based Services for PDF Files – this program integrates easily with cloud services to give you access to your PDF files on any device.

Powerful PDF editor capabilities- it also has easy to use and highly functional PDF editing capabilities that allow you to edit the text, images and even pages with ease.


  • It is fully featured and highly functional, allowing for quick and easy PDF creation, conversion and editing.
  • It is also very easy to use with a pleasant user interface


  • The business version has more features but it more expensive than any other PDF editor
  • The free trial version is limited on features

 5. Nuance Power PDF- Basic PDF editor but lacks advanced tools

Nuance Power PDF is a very easy to use and intuitive PDF editor that is reliable and fully featured. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can easily use Nuance Power PDF. It is also one of the go-to PDF editors for most small business because it is so much more affordable than most products with similar functionality. Some of its features include the following;

Quick Editing and Touch up Capabilities- with Nuance Power PDF you can easily and very quickly make edits on any PDF document, editing both the text and images.

Integrated DocuSign Capabilities- although it doesn’t have its own eSignature features, Nuance Power PDF can still provide the service since it integrates seamlessly with popular eSignature platform DocuSign.


  • It is very easy to use with a simple user interface
  • It is fully featured, allowing for faster and highly sustainable PDF management.


  • It lacks some of the more advanced PDF editing features found in other similar editors

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