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  • What is Wi-Fi 6?

    what is wi fi 6 main2

    Wi-Fi is about to get faster and better for multiple devices. Here's what Wi-Fi 6 has to offer

    22 Dec 2021

  • How to Elevate Customer Experience with High-Speed Wi-Fi Networks

    network Wifi 2

    Fast, Reliable Wi-Fi Is Now Within Reach Of All Small Businesses With Aruba Instant On.

    19 Oct 2021

  • Fix Facebook: Is Facebook Down?

    fix facebook

    Having trouble with Facebook? Try these tips to fix connection problems

    04 Oct 2021

  • Why you should take your mesh Wi-Fi on holiday with you

    why you should take your mesh wi fi on holiday with you

    Get the same great Wi-Fi signal that you enjoy at home

    16 Apr 2021

  • Tech Advisor June 2021 Digital Edition

    tajun21 cover

    Latest issue of Tech Advisor out now.

    31 Mar 2021

  • How many devices can connect to a router at the same time?

    how many devices can connect to a router at the same time

    Yes, your router can probably cope even if you have loads of Wi-Fi devices

    28 Jan 2021

  • What is 5G and how do I get it in the UK?

    what is 5g when will arrive

    5G has arrived, and here's how to take advantage

    19 Mar 2020

  • Top tips for staying safe on public Wi-Fi

    tips to stay safe on public wi fi

    You could pay a high price for using free Wi-Fi in coffee shops, hotels and airports

    16 Mar 2020

  • Best Pay As You Go Phone Network

    best payg phone network main

    Our pick of the top UK phone networks that offer PAYG plans

    27 Feb 2020

  • 7 Reasons Why The UK Should Work With Huawei

    7 reasons the uk should work with huawei

    If we don't we use Huawei equipment, we lose out

    29 Jan 2020

  • The best browser VPN for 2020

    best browser vpn

    Surf the web anonymously and safely by using a web browser with a VPN

    02 Jan 2020

  • What is Powerline?

    devolo dlan650triple

    Powerline adapters can transform your house into a fast home network

    08 Dec 2019

  • Why the NETGEAR Orbi will fix all your WiFi problems

    q119 orbi challenge promotion fb banner uk

    Get secure, fast, reliable whole-home WiFi coverage with NETGEAR Orbi. Better WiFi. Everywhere.

    16 Oct 2019

  • What is USB-C?

    istock 513583458

    The idea behind USB-C is a simple one. You have one cable, one connector, and through them you attach everything you need.

    09 Oct 2019

  • What is BT Sport? How to get BT Sport

    bt sport logo

    BT Sport is growing and proving to be a serious rival to Sky Sports in the UK. We break down what it brings to the sporting table.

    06 Sep 2019

  • Is Xbox Live down?

    xbox live

    Are you the only person having problems signing into Xbox Live?

    29 Aug 2019

  • Are VPNs legal?

    are vpns legal 1

    VPNs can do a lot to protect your privacy, but can using one get you into trouble with the law?

    07 Aug 2019

  • The Best USB Wi-Fi adapters 2020

    best wifi usb adaptors main

    Want to add Wi-Fi to your PC? You need a USB Wi-Fi adapter

    17 Apr 2019

  • 5 reasons to use CyberGhost VPN

    istock 515473470

    There are many reasons to choose CyberGhost for all your VPN needs. Here are five of them.

    14 Apr 2019

  • What is WPA3?

    what is wpa3

    WPA3 will make your Wi-Fi a whole lot more secure, and it's coming later this year

    27 Jun 2018

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