Android versus iOS, LG versus Apple, LG G5 vs iPhone 6s, there are many differences between the two phones and in this article we look at why the LG G5 is a better phone.

In order to stay impartial, we've also done a similar comparison on our sister site Macworld UK, looking at why you should get the iPhone 6s instead. Do check that article out before flaming us in the comments!

This article is also written by someone who uses both Android and iOS on a daily basis.

Why the LG G5 is better than iPhone: Removable battery and modular design

LG G5 is better than iPhone - Battery

The LG G5 has a removable base which reveals its removable battery. Yes, the phone's battery can be removed and replaced, a fantastic feature to have on any smartphone given that lithium batteries always degrade after prolonged use.

The iPhone 6s has a non-removable battery making it a worse choice for those who want to use their phones for several years without having to worry about battery degradation.

The G5 also has the ability to have a somewhat modular design, by having accessories plug into its lower dock to provide you with additional features that the phone can offer. This is done by the LG Friends modules, such as the Cam Plus for photographers and the Hi-Fi Plus from B&O for audio. These additions make the phone more customisable and a better phone for powerhouse users.

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Why the LG G5 is better than iPhone: Fingerprint scanner location

LG G5 is better than iPhone - Fingerprint Sensor

Both phones have a fingerprint sensor, but their locations differ greatly. We're a big fan of the LG G5's fingerprint sensor, not only due to its fast recognition, but its location. The G5's sensor is at the back of the phone, which arguably is the best ergonomic position if you're holding the phone in your hands.

Some might argue that it's not convenient when the phone is on a surface, but given that most people will be using their phones in their hands, the sensor is a lot more natural. This allows you to quickly unlock the phone, without having to re-adjust your hand, unlike with the iPhone 6s' positioning.

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Why the LG G5 is better than iPhone: Display quality

LG G5 is better than iPhone - Display

The G5 has s fantastic 5.3in 2560x1440 resolution display which has a huge 554 pixels per inch (ppi), making text and images super clear. 

The iPhone 6s on the other hand has a 4.7in 1334x750 resolution display, with 326 ppi. The numbers speak for themselves, but the real-world difference is noticeable. With the LG you get sharp, crystal clear text and even a screen that looks fantastic in a VR headset.

The iPhone 6s isn't one to be loved for pixel lovers; with its lower resolution screen and lower ppi, if you want a super high resolution screen you should opt for the LG G5.

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Why the LG G5 is better than iPhone: Micro-SD card slot

LG G5 is better than iPhone - Micro-SD Card

The G5 comes with 32GB internal storage, which will be sufficient enough for a standard music library and photos, but if you're looking to have more storage you can easily add a Micro-SD card to boost that space by an impressive 200GB.

The iPhone 6s is limited to the storage space it comes with from the factory. Whereby, you don't have the option to expand its storage and for larger storage options you'll be paying a considerable amount more.

The 16GB iPhone 6s comes in at £539, 64GB at £619 and the 128GB at a very high £699. In comparison the LG G5 costs only £428 on Amazon and Micro-SD cards are cheap to buy and easy to source.

The G5 therefore makes a better buy if you're in-need of storage space on your smartphone.

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Why the LG G5 is better than iPhone: Camera

LG G5 is better than iPhone - Camera

The G5 has two cameras, one that has a regular field of view with 16Mp and the other 8Mp camera has a 135 degree lens, allowing you to take a much wider shot. At the front you've also got an impressive 8Mp selfie camera. You should never judge a phone purely by its megapixels, as there are so many factors behind a camera's lens, but through our tests we found the LG G5 to be a better phone camera.

Its performance in low light, multiple different options and capabilities, such as recording at 4K make it a fantastic camera to have included on a phone.

The iPhone 6s also has a fantastic iSight 12Mp rear-facing camera and a decent 5Mp FaceTime HD camera making it a great companion to the Apple device. However, when compared to the LG G5 couldn't compete and fell short in a few areas.

If you're looking to have a good phone camera, then the G5 provides better photos and videos. Also see our roundup: Best phone camera of 2016.

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