Asda Alcatel 1010 phone for £5

Asda has launched what it is calling Britain's lowest priced mobile phone at just £5.

If you're strapped for cash this Christmas then Asda is on hand with a super-cheap phone offer. The Alcatel 1010 feature phone is just £5 with no minimum top-up charge and is available online and in-store now.

Asda predicts that it will be popular amongst elder shoppers and as a 'spare phone' for smartphone users. It would also serve well for those who are worried about their expensive smartphone getting lost or stolen abroad or in situations like gigs.

At that price, you could give someone a phone for Christmas as a stocking filler. The spare phone idea also makes a lot of sense since some smartphones struggle to last a day on a full battery charge. The Alcatel 1010 will last up to 333 hours on standby.

Claire McAuley, Mobile phone buyer at Asda says: "With purse strings stretched ahead of the festive season and a quarter of mums3budgeting more than ever, our customers are always looking for new ways to save money. We’ve launched the UK’s lowest priced phone as a solution to keeping in touch at the lowest cost possible this Christmas and are expecting shoppers of all ages to snap them off the shelves."     

The Alcatel 101 is a feature phone, so don't expect anything fancy. It has physical buttons, a 1.45in screen, enough memory for 100 contacts, an FM radio and a hands-free function. Asda is selling the phone for 73 percent cheaper than Amazon.